Nature of Provisions in the Criminal Procedure Code 1898

Justice is administered by the procedural law and Cr.P.C is a procedural law but in reality, it is more than that. The provisions in the criminal procedure code 1898 are different. Its primary objective is to lay down the procedure for criminal cases.

Criminal Procedure Code has the following provisions

Procedural Provisions

Section 154-176 shows and explains the procedure of registering FIR.

Substantive Provisions

Those provisions which deal with the right and obligation such as the case can be initiated against the accused but he is given some right as well for example; The accused has right to be heard, he has the right to defend by a lawyer, the right of bail if the offense is bailable.

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Administrative provisions

Criminal procedure code deals with the number of courts and judges and their powers so how many courts should be in a province in the concern of the criminal procedure code. Session and the Magistrate courts are purely criminal courts which are the creation of the CR.PC

Preventive provisions

There are certain preventive provisions such as section 144, that empowers the state to ensure that offense doesn’t get committed.

The state is bound to ensure that nobody is allowed to violate any rights. For instance; if somebody prepares to commit an offense, he should be arrested under section 151.

These are the major Provisions In The CR. PC 1898

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