How To Change date Of Birth in NADRA CNIC

While issuing NADRA CNIC, if they have entered the wrong date of birth. Then you definitely need to change the date of birth in CNIC. It’s your fundamental right. Because if you didn’t change the date of birth in NADRA CNIC, it will cause many problems. Like while getting a job in a foreign, future study, etc.

But most people don’t know about how to correct the date of birth or change the date of birth in the CNIC/ Birth certificate.

That’s why we have decided to write a post on it. Here we will explain the procedure of how to change the date of birth. The format of suit for correction of date of birth is also given here.

This post also covers matters relating to the NADRA name change procedure. Because the procedure which is followed in these circumstances is the same.

Note: If your date of Birth on CNIC or on any educational degrees is wrong then contact us or leave a comment for help.


Most of the time when you apply for NADRA CNIC, they inadvertently mention the wrong date of birth. For Example, if someone born on 22th of August 1995 but NADRA entered 22th August 1998. That where the problem arises. Another scenario is where your father’s name is wrongly entered.

Anyhow each time when this problem arises you have to approach the civil court and get a declaration decree.

But which documents are required to change the date of birth in CNIC? These are mentioned below

Documents Required To Change Date of Birth Or To Change Father Name In CNIC

While filing suit to correct date of birth in NADRA CNIC you must have the following documents in your possession.

  1. Birth Certificate of NADRA
  2. Matriculation Degree
  3. CNIC
  4. Father’s CNIC (in case father name change needed)
  5. Union council birth registration certificate (if required you must have it as well)

Time Limitation To File Suit

NADRA name change procedure falls under the category of declaratory suits. For these types of suit section 42 of the specific relief act 1877.

The limitation of Section 42 is 6 years under article 120 of the limitation act of 1908.

2015 MLD 1481 also held that to change the date of birth, the plaintiff has 6 years to commence legal proceedings in court.

Wrong Procedure of NADRA

When someone reaches the NADRA office to change the date of birth. They usually told them that bring an affidavit (notarized attested). In that affidavit, that person swore that his original date of birth in birth certificate is wrongly entered.

But rest assured that’s a wrong procedure to change the date of Birth in the ID card. Even if you submit an affidavit they will refuse to correct the date of birth and will tell you to get a court declaration decree.

That’s why don’t waste your time and file a suit to correct the date of birth in CNIC NADRA.

But what’s the right procedure.

Right Procedure To Change Date of Birth in NADRA ID Card

The right procedure is that you need to file a plaint in civil court. This plant contains all the fact that you were born on that date. The date in  union council birth certificate is that. The date of birth in NADRA b.form is that. The date of birth in matriculation degree is that.

You have to attach the above document in order to strengthen your claim.

The procedure is still the same, if you want to change the father’s name in NADRA CNIC.

When you will submit your case in court, they will issue summons to NADRA authority to appear on the next date and submit their written statement.

On the next date when counsel from NADRA appears before the court and submit a reply. The court will again give you the next date on which NADRA counsel will examine and cross-examine the plaintiff.

At the time of cross-examination, you must have all your documents with you.

When the cross-examined is over the court will pronounce its judgment. The court will also give direction to the NADRA authority to change the date of birth of the plaintiff.

That how you get your remedy in a short time. This whole procedure takes up to 3 or 4 months.

Case Laws

Here it’s important to mention at least two case laws. These cases are very important and serve as a guideline for NADRA.

[2016 Y L R 323] Duty of NADRA to Correct date of birth in CNIC

Scope-Contention of the plaintiff was that he was born on 22nd May 1993 but his date of birth had been recorded as 22nd May 1990.

The suit was dismissed concurrently.

Validity plaintiff produced documents bearing his date of birth as 22-05-1993 which could not be refuted by the authorities. No reason existed to believe that the date of birth mentioned in the documents produced by the plaintiff, was managed one.

Plaintiff was neither claiming any right in service nor having any other interest in seeking correction of date of birth in his CNIC.

Correction of date of birth of the plaintiff would not adversely affect any right of any other person. No provision existed to prohibit NADRA from rectifying any mistake in the CNIC.

Every citizen was required to be registered with the NADRA. Issuance of CNIC would mean that information contained therein was valid and correct. Therefore, by not correcting an error on the CNIC, NADRA in fact was not performing its primary function.

NADRA was bound to maintain a correct database and to print the correct information on the CNIC. Impugned judgments and decrees passed by the courts below were set aside and NADRA was directed to rectify the mistake as to change the date of birth of the plaintiff appearing on his CNIC from 22-05-1990 to 22-05-1993.

The revision was accepted, in circumstances.

Another important judgment of Lahore High Court is on the point that NADRA can change the date of birth in CNIC even without a court order.

[2012 PLD 378]  For correction of Name in NADRA Records/CNIC without getting COURT ORDER

Ss. 9 & 5(3)—National Database and Registration Authority (NIC) Rule 2002, R.13—Constitution of Pakistan, Art. 199—Constitutional petition—correction on National Identity Card issued by NADRA—

Petitioner had sought correction on his national identity card on the ground that the name of his father had been incorrectly entered. NADRA (respondent) refused to make the necessary correction on the ground that for a change in the father’s name; a court order was necessary.

NADRA, to support such contention, relied on its Registration Policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Validity-Error was clearly a typographic mistake. The national database was required to be maintained by NADRA, and every citizen was required to be registered and to effectuate such registration. Every citizen was issued a national identity card.

National Identity Card (CNIC) was a legal document for the identification of a citizen, and its issuance meant that the information contained therein was valid and correct.

NADRA, by not correcting an error in its database or on the CNIC, was, in fact, going against the spirit of the Ordinance, and was not performing its primary function and was perpetuating a wrong in its own database, thereby negating the purpose of the national identity card.

NADRA, was bound to maintain a correct database and was bound to print correctly information on the CNIC and was obligated to correct any error in its database or the CNIC it issued to a citizen.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Registration Policy were internal instructions to enable NADRA to achieve an optimum level of efficiency and to ensure consistency and infirmity in its procedure and process.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) did not have the force of law and were not binding on the NADRA. Standard Operating Procedures were internal documents, at best, and could not form the basis of denying the petitioner the right to have the correct information maintained in the citizen database and printed on the CNIC.

Standard Operating Procedures could not form the basis for NADRA to refuse to change the date of birth an error in its record because if the error was not corrected, it would negate the very purpose of issuing a CNIC to a citizen.

Delay in filing an application for correction of an office mistake could not hamper or prevent the process of actually correcting the NADRA database or the CNIC.

High Court directed NADRA to treat the pending request of the petitioner as a correction of an office mistake and to correct the father’s name in the CNIC database and issue him a new CNIC.

A constitutional petition was allowed, accordingly.

Format of Suit to Change Date of Birth in ID Cards

The sample of suit to correct date of birth is provided here. You can use this draft of suit to change the date of birth while making necessary changes. If you are aggrieved and want to change the NADRA CNIC name then contact us for legal help.


In the matter of:

MNUR son of HUR, Presently a resident of H. No. __, _____ Colony, Rawalpindi.



NADRA, Saddar Branch, Rawalpindi through its Manager/ Incharge.



Respectfully Sheweth,

  1. That the plaintiff was born on 08-08-1982 and later on the plaintiff passed his Primary Examination at Bhalwal School, Sargodha in the year of 2005.
  2. That the plaintiff applied for the National Identity Card from the NADRA office but inadvertently the date of birth of the plaintiff was mentioned as 16-10-1987 instead of 08-08-1982.
  3. That the plaintiff contacted the defendant for the necessary correction in his NIC Card. The defendant earlier asked for submission of a duly attested Affidavit from the plaintiff, which was provided accordingly but the defendant refused to take the application of the plaintiff on the plea that the plaintiff first should obtain the declaration from the competent court of law.
  4. That despite all efforts the defendant is not ready to correct the date of birth of the plaintiff on his ID Card, hence this case.
  5. That cause of action finally accrued a few days ago when the defendant refused to entertain the application of the plaintiff which is still continuing.
  6. That the office of the NADRA, Rawalpindi is within the territorial limits of this Honorable Court and the plaintiff is temporarily resident at Rawalpindi, so this Honorable Court got the jurisdiction to entertain the matter in hand.
  7. That the value of the suit for the purpose of jurisdiction is fixed as Rupees 2000/-, which is exempted from court fee.

In view of the above, it is, therefore, most humbly prayed that the suit of the plaintiff may kindly be decreed in favor of the plaintiff and the defendant may kindly be directed to change the Date of Birth of the plaintiff as 08-08-1982 instead of 16-10-1987 and after the necessary changing the new I.D Card of the plaintiff may kindly be issued, in the interest of justice.

Any other relief, which this Honorable Court deems fit and proper may also be granted to the plaintiff.



Muhammad Mateen

Advocate High Court


Verified on Oath at Rawalpindi on this _____Day of July 2018, the contents of para  1 to 5 of the suit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and the rest of the paras are believed to be true and correct as per information received.



In the matter of:

MNUR son of HUR, Presently a resident of H. No. __, _____ Colony, Rawalpindi.



NADRA, Saddar Branch, Rawalpindi through its Manager/ Incharge.




That I, MNUR son of HUR Presently a resident of H. No. ____, _____ Colony, Rawalpindi.


That the contents of the suit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therein.


Verified on Oath at Rawalpindi On this   Day of  July 2018. That the above deposition is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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M. Mateen

I'm a professional practicing Lawer at Rawalpindi District Courts of Pakistan. I graduated from the International Islamic University of Islamabad in the faculty of Shria (LLB). Right now I am a student of LLM/M.Phil in Corporate Law.


  1. The date of birth is 1990 but they wrongly entered 1991…
    My nic is still valid…and not expired Is it necessary to go to court…?? I didnt go to court before and dont want to….is there any other way??plz guide

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  4. My date of birth is 1994 but in cnic 1986 is written . And my cnic is also expired . What should is do first ? I have to apply for new cnic or to go to court?

      • A.o sir mere cnic me d.o.b bagher date and month k likha h. CNIC me just 1976 likha h jabke mere metric certificate me 26 jan 1986 h. Mere or mere bare bhai ka aik hi d.o.b likha gaya h. Unka bi 1976 h.

        • Walikum u salam. Ap dono baion ko dob thik karwani pary gi. is k liye ap ko apni matric ki degree B form ki zarurat pary gi. Par chunky abhi tak tariqa kar purana hy to jis k mutaibiq case file karna parta hy court me. To yehi hall hy. Agar ap ko mazeed wakeel ki sahulat chahiye to ap rabta kar sakty hyn.
          Malik Awais Alam 0334-4686001

  5. Hi! M.Mateen sir , I am from sialkot and i have a problem can you give your number . I want to discuss my matter in detail.Pllz your phone number.

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    • Janaab ap ko apni date of birth jitna jaldo ho saky thik karwani chahiye. Ap k father case file kar sakty hyn par is k liye ap ko power of attorney send karna ho ga apny father kay name. Par is ka tariqa mukhtalif hy norma power of attorney. Ap ko cahiye k Malik Awais Alam 0334-4686001 say rabta karain. Taky ap mukamal tafseel say agah hon.

    • Yes there is a way. You should make contact on 0334-4686001 (Malik Awais Alam Adv) and get proper way out. Because in future wrong date of birth will cause severe problems

    • Civil court me case file karna pary ga jis me request ki jaye gi k date of Birth ko thik kiya jaye phir us faisly ko ap NADRA office me lay kar jayin gay aur is tarhan ap ki date thik ho jaye gi…… Aue agar ap ko lawyer ki zarurat ho jo case ko file kary to ap is number par rabta kar k madad lay sakty hyn.
      Malik Awais Alam Adv

  8. میرا تاریخ پیدائش 9160 ہے مگر شناختی کارڈ میں 1957 ہے میں سرکاری ملازم ہوں اور تقریبا پیشن لینے میں ایک سال باقی ہے کیا میرا تاریخ پیدائش اب تبدیل ہو سکتا ہے اور کسی طریقہ کار اختیار کرنا ہو گا
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  10. Sir main aik website say apka number lia hai sir meri age id card aur sab documents par 1984 hai. Par last year mujhay mera birth certificate mila us par age 1987 hai.. Kia ab change ho sakti hai id card par…

  11. Salam sir
    hope you doing great
    i need to change my D,O,B (1886) to (1985) on my Nadra id card
    I lost my birth certificate.
    i have other documents.

    • Miss Rabis thank you for visiting our site and asking query. We recommend that you contact our attorny and ask him directly. His Contact detail is as under;
      Malik Awais Alam

  12. Sir my DOB wrongly entered in Matriculation certificate as 12-10-1991 & in NIC also
    While in union council birth certificate it has mentioned as 12-10-1993
    At the time of birth UC not registered at that time due to hailing from remote area
    Can i change my DOB in NIC as well Matic Certificate on the basis of UC birth certificate
    Plz Guide

    • yes you can change you date of birth but for that you have to file suit in court. If you want to file a case or need more information you can contact:
      Malik Awais Alam 0334 4686001

    • Yes you change both name and date in one case. As for time, well it depends upon circumstances. Usually it takes 6 month. If you want to file a case you can contact our lawyer. There are many has placed their confidence upon our services. If you want you can contact:
      Malik awais Alam 0334-4686001

    • Walikum u salam. Ap ko any DOB ko thik karwany k liye civil court me case file karna pary ga. Is k liye ap ko apni educational degrees, B form, union council birth certificate as a proof sath lagana pary ga.
      Ap kahan k rehny wally hyn?

  13. mere mother ke form b mai aur primary school leaving certificate me 1974 hai magar nic aur matric me 1970 hai mje change karwana hai date of birth take dob 1974 hojae ..kya aap mje solution bataskhe hen?

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  15. I was born in 2001 but my father placed by date of birth on 2002. And now I have my smart card and passport. How do I get it fixed

  16. AoA
    Sir Meri date of birth NADRA Mein wrong h but university ky admission ky liye mujhy CNIC chahiye tha jisky liye mujhy matric ky result card Sy banwana pra is py b Meri daye of birth wrong mention h

    Lykin ab mujhy foreign study ky liye apply krna h or agy job ky liye b mujhy problem Ho sekti h . Mari correct date of birth 1996 h jubky NDRA mein Mari 1993 h . Baqi university ky documents mein b Mari yehi h 1993 lykin ab mujhy change krwani h tu Kia Ye Ho jaye g NDRA waly bht tang krty h .

  17. Aoa! I want to change my date of birth which is 16-3-90 in id card but it is 17-4- 1995 in matriculation certificate and i want to change id card date but issues is that ,only 4 month gap is between me and my brother age ( 8-17-1995 ) create problem plz guide what to do to change date of birth according to matriculation

  18. Dear, main nay apny beti ka b-form banwaya hai par uus main birth of date galt hai jab k nadra birth certificate mai sahe hai. Mere bete abe tak ek saal k b nhn hai. Tou es case main muje kya karna chaheye.

  19. B-Form main data galt aae hai, union council wale certificate main date sahe hai. Tou should I go NADRA office ?

  20. Salam …
    Sir mi apni CNIC mi taarikhpedash chang karna chatha hon .CNIC mi 1989hn our mera 1995 hn. Kya krna hoga mojee plz tell mi.

    • ap aik dafa NADRA k office me jaying aur pouchain k agar affadivit wo accept kar layin to mumki hy kam ho jaye. Otherwise filing a civil suit is the only remedy you have.

  21. AoA .. Sir DOB on CNIC and matric is change about just 4 days .. whats should I do ?
    And is there any validity or certain time period to change it .. or we can change it any time in our life ? plzz guide me thanks

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    Hamari sawalo ka jawab dine ka.Sir g agar ap koy madad krskti ho to plz.
    Shaid so ki waja Dr hamra kaam asaan hojaygi.


  23. Sir aslamalakum….my problem is my date of birth on matric ertificate is 1954 but in 1990 i changed this with providing birth certificate and affidavit i changed to 1958 and i had passport also with same date of birth and since than i travelled with this date of birth passport different countries and i had nicop also with same date of birth ..i got some property issue with my relative iam almost win case but now they are thretninh that we will cancell your nicop because your date of birth is different on matric certificate and on nicop…sir what shoul i do.

  24. Sir meri dob 9-30-2000 h cnic pr bi or beform pr bi ma date of birth ziada krwana chahta hu wo kasa change hogi?

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    sir mistake in my father CNIC number on the F.s.c Certificate.
    how can change it?

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  29. Asslam o Alaikum! Sir my date my DOB on Matric Certificate and CNIC is Same but both are wrong i want to change my DOB on CNIC. So, help me regarding this issue..

  30. Sir.
    Main ISB main Rahta Hoon, Aur Mari Sister Ke Umar Taqreeban 1 Saal Zayada Hai, Aur Us Nay Hifz Keya Hai, Matric Nahi Tu Mujhay Kasay Apni Sister Ke Umar Kam Karwani Hai Please Guide Me.

  31. Salaam Sir .,
    Meray or mry bry bhai k date of birth m 5 Months ka Difrnc ara hai jis ki wja sy Nadra mra id card isssue ni kr rhy ,
    mri degrees p orignal date hai but mra id card ni issue horha Orignal date p bcz big bro ki date of birth nd mri D.O.B m 5 months ka difrnc hai ,
    please guide me.

  32. Aslam o Alekum
    sir aap kesa hy ,mera nam shagufta naz hai from Karachi i have need your help mere
    recent NIC mai age 1982 hy education & job k lye age kam hoskte hy? mere father ki dath hogaye hy kia ye possible hy matric certifacte mai bi same age hy

    • walikum u salam..
      possible to hy lakin ap jis year ki date rakhwana chahti hyn kia us ka ap k pass koi saboot hy matlab document like union council k birth certificate me. Dusri baat matric degree me jo age likhi jati hy us ko preference di jati hy.

  33. Age on school leaving certificate is 1972 and accepted by employer ID CARD mentioned 1969 n also renewed in 2013. Now Employer is askin for change. what should I do

  34. Assalam o Alaikum Sir Meri id Card par Date Change ho gai hai q k Court Decree ki waja say par mera Passport purany id Card par bana huva hai
    Mai Germany rehta hon Sir Plz Ap rehnamai kar sakty hai k Mai kis trha apny Passport par date change krwa sakta hon
    kia yaha Court Decree ki waja say Passport par date change ho Sakti hai or sath Naye date wala id madadgaar ho sakta hai

  35. Aoa!
    Sir meray Matric k certificate mein meri DOB 11th.oct.1988 hai jab k meri real DOB 1991 hai, mera CNIC first time expire honay wala hai ab mein chahta hun k meri real age pr ID card aur Passport banay lekin NADRA walay keh rahay hain k Matric ka Certificate theek karwao pehlay…
    Kia yeh possible hai Matric Certificate mein DOB correct karwa sakta hun??? Matric certificate theek hoga jb he mera passport banay ga..
    Mein Karachi se hun.

  36. me and my elder sister their is unnatural date of birth that is my elder sister DOB is 8/9/1987 and my DOB is24/12/1987 and we have passed matric exam in 2003 ,nadra issue me nic in 2006 but in the 2015 when my elder sister approach to the nadra office then they denied for the nic issuance and said that already ur brother exist in the 1987 year. now i have suit in the court and ascertain that my correct DOB is 24/12/1990 but they do not issue me the decree.civil court reject my application due to limitatation act 1906 .and then i appeal to the session court against the civil court decesion the session court reject my appeal due to the reason that if ur DOB is 1990 and u passed the matric in 2003 then how u passed the matric in 13 year.and u get nic in 2006 so if u have 1990 BoB then nic issue to u in 2006 so in this regard ur age at the time of nic is become 16 year in case of 1990 DOB. my parents are illetrate hve not school education and they do not remember my correct date of younger brother DoB is 8/4/1993. now i want to appeal in the high court against the seesion court decession because their is still nic is not issue to my sister.

    • I have read your comment and right now i will say that you should contact our lawyer and discuss this matter,
      Kindly contact him on this number
      Malik Awais Alam
      It’s a whatsapp number

  37. Assalam o Alaikum..sir mai age 2 sal kam krwana chahta hu job k liy…to koi asaan sa hall btaen agr hai…plzz

  38. Sir MN apni date of birth change krna chahti Hun birth certificate par se Kya ho skti h kunk MN date of birth year 2000 hai actually udr 1998 hai mre mamo NY bymistake jb mra Nam or year register krwaya tb bymistake ho gya ta mre father is country mn Ni ty tbb

  39. Sir ,i want to lessen my age in documents. There is no mistake in any thereany legal or illegal way?

  40. Dear Sir, I am currently living in Italy. There is a problem with my date of birth I want to change it. and of course, I want to update it as well in passport and Italian documents. can you suggest how can I do it? Is it necessary that I have to go to Pakistan to do it by myself or one of my family members can do it?

  41. My mother date of birth entered 01-01-1969 which is wrong, according to other documents it is 01-03-1969… how it can be rectify????

  42. sir meri sister in law & meri wife ki nic me ek hi date of birth ha me change kaise karwa sakta ho date ha (10-6-1987) us waqat nadra nahi tha or ghar me paida hoyi thi or wo dono meddle pass hain koyi certificate bhi nahi ha please reply

  43. sir how r you?sir mere NIC card pay mera date of bith 1 january or year of birth 1978 likh diya hai jb k real may mere parents ki shadi 1983 may hoi thi or us k 5 saal bad 27th of july 1988 ko may peda hoi sir problem ye hai kay hum hyderabad say migrate kr k karach aye to mere sare documents gum hogaye na ami ka nikkah nama hai na abu ka death certificate na meri degree or birth certificate sir is waqt meri age or Nic ki age may 10 years ka diffrence hai sir may kya karo i m qualified lady or is waqt mere pas koi saboot nahe hai mere nic may signature ki bajaye thumb hai may bohat sharmindigi mehsos krti hon plz tell me how can i do???

  44. Sir how are you?my name is Sarah i m from karachi sir mere NiC may bohat sari mistakes hain mera real date of birth 27th july 1988 hai jb k Nadra ne mera date of bith 1 january 1978 krdiya hai jb k mere parents ki shadi 1983 may hoi hai or us k 5 saal bad meri pedayish hoi hai sir or Nic may signature ki bajaye thumb ka nishan hai sir i m qualified lady bohat problem may hon may sir sara masla ye hai k hum hyderabad say karachi migrate kr k aye hain or shiefting may sare documents miss hogaye hain jin may meri mother ka nikkah nama father ka death certificate mere certificares birth certificate sir ab ye kese possible hai k jo meri real age ir year hai wo Nadra wale accept krlen mera Nic 3 month bad expire hojaye ga plz may chahti hon expire say pehle ye correct hojaye plz sir tell me any advice help me

  45. Assalam o alaikum sir
    I need to change my date of birth n CNIC
    the difference is 6 years
    My date of birth is 27 sep 1992 but in my CNIC ist January 1986?
    I need to change

  46. Assalm o Alaikum Sir,
    Sir I want to reduce my age in matriculation as well as in NIC, DoB is 1989, younger brother after me has 1993, (by the way my age has been written correctly in all documents) from Peshawar.

  47. Sir I have done graduation recently now I want to apply govt job but em facing some problem due to wrong DOB on my all documents is it possible to correct it plz.inform me n tell me about fee em from Faisalabad

  48. Asalam o Alikum i have a question that i want to change my surname and Date of Birth. I am not in Pakistan and can not be able to appear in front of NADRA office. What is the process to change these things and can anybody help me to change these things?

  49. aoa.sir mera taluq 1 village se mere abu uneducated h mera msla ye h k me pny id card pr dae of birh km krana chahta ho .jb mene school me admission la tha tb teachers ne andaz k mutabiq meri dob likh di thi.ab whi date h mere id cad pr bhi aur certificates pr bhi.ab problem ye h k me ksi job me apply ni kr skta meri age kafi ho gai h meri dob.01.01.1994 likhi hui h aur b mene bsc ka exam dia h .mujhy pta ni tha k jobs me apply krny me age ka msla bnta h .agr koi rasta ho to kindly btao age km krany ka plzz

    • dob ko kam karny k liye proof ka hona bohat zarurui hy. kia ap k pass koi esa document ho jis me kam likhi hui ho. agar esa hy to phir kam ho sakti hy warna nahi.

  50. Sir mera mother or uski mother date of birth same hai or nadra walo nay abi ye issue deka is se pehlay meri walida ki 2cnic card expired hochokay hai ab hum Kia karay plzz reply me

  51. Assalam o alikum
    SIR my date of birth is correct i.e 1989. But I want to appeare in FPSC in which age limit is 30yrz. Is there any way that I can get one year relaxation?

  52. Sir meray id card and passport pay father name main khan laga hai jab kay degree and ssc certificate main nahi hai and i want to change in ssc so that degree bhi change hoo jai ssc walay court decrŕe mang rahay hain how much time itwill take kindly reply kar dain and i did metric in 1995

  53. My date of birth is 1996 but cnic 1994. I’m face many problems to get govt. Job.due to age. 1994 age is written my teacher in 9th class than I’m can’t change than matric degree issue 1994 date of birth. Please sir guide me can i change the date of birth in cnic and degree…

  54. Assalam u alaikum sir mera nam Rasheed Ahmad hai swabi se hun..
    mere id card main d.o.b 2003 hai… aur school k certificatemai 2007 hai…
    main yeh chahta hun ke 2003 se 2007 karun …
    is leye mujhe kya karna chaheye…
    Sir please koi simple way batayen………

    • janab ap ko apny sary documents lay kar aik wakeel k pas jana pary ga jo ap ko bataye ga k aya ho bi sakti hy date thik ya nahi. agar ho sakti hui to wo case file kary ga civil courts me

  55. assalam u alikum sir
    mere b form me or matric certificate me date of birth different hai 6 year ka difference a rha hai ab me bform me date of birth kaha se correct karun
    please guide me

  56. Sir, I have changed two times Form B. once for changes in name and the other change for increasing age in Form B. Now, due to minimum age limit in Board exam problem, I would like to re change my son DOB (to increase). Can Court do it?Third time change in Form B?
    Abdul aziz

  57. Dear Sir

    My father increased my Date of Birth around 2 years, and this is mentioned in my CNIC.

    Can I reduce my DOB; for this I have two evidence; valid birth certificate and Hospital slip/form (where I born)

    Please reply.

    Muhammad Qasim

    • if you have documentary evidence then you can reduce your date of birth. Kindly contact our attorney to get a solution to this problem. Malik Awais Alam 0334-4686001

  58. their is unnatural gap between my 24/12/1987 and my elder sister date of birth 08/09/1987..such that their is 3 month i file a suit in the civil court and state that my dob is 1990 and elder sister dob is 1987 but now they dismiss the suit on behalf of that if your d.o.b is 1990 then how you pass the matriculation in 2003 in the age of 13 year. further they want documental proof for the 1990 date of my parents are illeterate and date of birth is written in the school by estemation by the teachers. now how i appeal for the upper court.plz guide me..

  59. Salam…
    I want to reduce my date of birth in matriculation certificate, despite the fact that my original date of birth is already on my matriculation certificate which i had done in 2002.
    I want to change my DOB from year 1986 to 1990
    Kindly, make a way to do so its too much important for me to reduce my age i have to apply for certain Government job.
    I have seen many people who have reduced their oroginal age.
    Guide me in this matter of concern.
    Thanks and Regards!

  60. Dear Sir,
    Assalam Allikum SirMere abu ki NIC main date of birth galat likhy hoey hy, cnic main date of birth hy sir 1970 lkn mere abu ki service book main aur metric k certificate main 02-05-1975 to please sir btayen k es ko kese hal kiya jaey

  61. Aoa , I want to reduce my age despite all my written documentation matric and NIC have me original age but I want to reduce it to 1 year. Plz let me know. I know many people do it. But I want to do it..

  62. Asslam o Alaikum.sir mera issue ye ha k meri Bari sister ki age matric nic py mj sy km ha.or meri age ziada ha.api ki age 1991 ha jub ki meri 1990 likhi h nic py b or all document py to kya ye change ho skti ha.1993 ha meri plz tell me

    • walikum u salam. kia ap k pass koi document hy jis par correct date of birth likhi ho. Like hospital slip dono ki, union council birth certificate, ya B Form. Ager in me say kisi aik ya do par thik date of birth likhi hui hy to phir ap kay chances hyn k ap kon ki date of birth thik ho saky.

  63. asslam o alikum sir meri sis ki age actuall 1999 hay but nic and matric m 1995 by mistake kerdi mery father ak govt job per thy onky pas time nhi hota tha jiski wjha sy age school m change kisi or girl k name per chalti gai ab meri sis ny msc bhi kerlia father nhi rahy intekal hogaya koi posibility hay k age 1999 nic m hojaiy koi bhi possibility ho? plz plz tell me

    • Walikum u salam ap ki matric FSC BSC and Masters me date of birth galat likhi hui hy including CNIC to is process yun hy k CNIC aur board and uni ko party bana kar civil court me case file karna paryt ga. Is k liye ap ko supporting documents chahiye hon gay jin correct date of birth bi mention ho.

  64. Assalamualaikum Sr meri original date of birth 12-April-2000 h primary school records m bhi yhi h but jb primary school k bad school change kya tha to ism by mistake 12-April-1996 likhi gyi .. to yhi date of birth chlti rhi matric fsc m or CNIC m bhi yhi date of birth agyi .. ab sir m n apna birth certificate union council se correct date of birth k issue krwa lya h or primary school ki admission information ki district education officers se attested krwa lya h .m ab university se BS krhi ho .. sr plz ab m apni date of birth CNIC matric or fsc and university m kese correct krwao.. plz sr guide me

    • walikum u salam. ap ko apni date of birth ki correction k liye civil court me case karna pary ga. kiunky agar ap directly NADRA, board, or university me jaying gin to wo ap ko bolain gay k ye to bohat purany case hyn lehaza court ka decision chahiye humain. Lehaza ap un k pas timw wate karny ki bijaye case file karain aur is ka final decision un ko dikhain.

  65. AoA Sir mera DOB original Formby ma 2.4.2002 hai ssc Aur cnic ma 11.1.2001 hai sir ma na abi FSC clear ke hai bsc k lye apply ke hai Sir guide me ab ma kisay dob km karo.

  66. AOA SIR, Mjhe apni date of birth change krwani h nic or matric certificate m s or mera birth certificate nae h I think parents s misplace hogya h, Meri dob 1994 h but in m nic 1991 h , to kia wo change hojaega ,, Ab mjhe Waise bhi Apna nic bnwana tha husband k name ka ,, please Sir guide krdn is it possible??

  67. AOA , mjhe apna dob matric aur ID card se change krwana hai , 1993 se 1994 krwana hai. Me ne matric 2008 Mai Kiya tha Me Lahore se Hu. Kia procedure Hoga. And Kitni fee hogi ..plz bta den me boht pareshan hu

    • Walikum U Salam.
      ap ko apni DOB change karwany k liye court ko proof dena ho ga k jo DOB ap kay matric or ID card par 1990 likhi hy wo gatal hy jab kay ap k B-From ya Birth registration certificate or Domicile me 1994 thik likhi hy. Agat to esa proof ap k pass hy tab hi change ho gi otherwise nahi.

  68. Sir mere nic ma 7 year km krwani ha ma bht pareshan hu BHT chakar Kat chuka hu Nadra k per ni ho rha mere carrier ka sawal ha apki bari mehrbani hogi koi solution de dain , mere pas birth certificate, b farm, or matric certificate , b ha.

  69. Asslam.o.alikum Sir
    My brother lives in germany ..and his date of birth in matriculation degree and in nadra was different …we correct it and cancel one and save one original date of birth..but sir german embassy says that he have two date of births while we cancelled one and sir plz consult us so that we can correct this matter…

  70. I have the same issue I wanna reduce my age from 1987 to 1994 I have tried every method but it doesn’t work I don’t know what to do can’t find the right person who can help me to fix this issue

  71. Sir, my B_form DOB isn’t matching with the school degree’ DOB, what should I do? How to change my B_form DOB? Plz guide

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