How To Get Computerized Arms License From NADRA In Pakistan?

Ministry of interior issues arms licenses in Pakistan. It is the only authority that issues and regulates arms & ammunition matters. But recently NADRA and the interior department of Punjab, Sindh, and KPK have joined hands to bring a new system of governing arms license.

Under this new system, NADRA doesn’t issue new arms licenses rather it makes it easy for the general public to renew their old arms license. But in the future, it is visioned that NADRA will take control of this whole process, and then it will also become a weapon license issuing authority.

This new system is named as Computerized Arms License System (CALS). It is also pertinent to note that getting a computerized arms license under this new developing system may take up to 12 months or even two years for just renewal of a license.

The reason is certain difficulties as they are computerized after manual verification from concerned DCO the original issuer of arms license in Punjab.

Age Limit For Arms License In Pakistan

Every citizen of Pakistan who is 25 years of age, domiciled in Punjab, and possessing a National identity Card is eligible to apply for an arms license.

How To Apply For New Arms License In Punjab

In Punjab, the application form of weapon license is available at a local district coordination officer. You can personally visit these offices.

Once you fill the application form and attach all required documents, these forms are sent to Provincial Home Secretary for full and final approval. You can also download the arms license application form by Clicking Here.

Required Documents For New Arms License

These documents are mandatory. Attach them with the application form at the time of submission. These are

  1. Copy of your CNIC
  2. Two recent passport size photographs with blue background
  3. Certificate of  your Profession/Service
  4.  In case you are an income taxpayer than attach a copy of NTN number
  5. Recommendation from public representatives

Procedure OF Getting Gun License In PunjabArms license in pakistan

The registration procedure in Punjab is as follows:

  1. Fill Personal arms application form and attach all the required documents mentioned above
  2. Get verification from (SHO) Police Station or DSP, SP concerned on filled up Arms License Form
  3. Applicant himself should appear before the Deputy Commissioner along with the copy of the Identity Card
  4. Deputy Commissioner will order for the issuance of Arms License on the form
  5. Paste tickets equivalent to Rs. 2000/- for weapon License Form is required
  6. Submit the forms in Arms Licensing Issuing Branch in the D.C. Office.
  7. A temporary copy of the license will be issued. The applicant will purchase an arm from a registered arms dealer. Its entry will be made in the post office and renewal thereof will be made annually with the fee. (this not the end of the procedure)
  8. You have to write an application to the secretary interior ministry for requesting the approval of your filled application.
  9. The secretary will issue a demand note upon approval of the application. Once you acquire a demand note you have six months to complete the rest of the procedure.
  10. Now again you have to pay a fee amounting to Rs.5000 with the National Bank Of Pakistan (any branch).
  11. Then buy your weapon from a licensed gun dealer. He will put the number of weapons with his official stamp on a demand note.
  12. Then visit the concerned DCO office. Get his endorsement with the stamp on a demand note. Also, register your weapon with the arms branch in kacherhi (district court).
  13. After this whole exercise, you have to wait for at least 4-8 months before the licensing authority issues you arms/weapon license.
  14. They will also inform you via SMS or you can send them your tracking ID to know the status of your application.

This is how you can get you the very first 30. bore pistol license in Punjab.

Arms License Fee Structure In Pakistan As Applicable In 2017

List of fee structures as per Arms Rule 2017 is given below

License categoryInitial feeRenewal fee
Prohibited Bore Weapon


(a) Personal arms license

(b) Institutional license/private security company




2000/- per annum


2000/- per annum

Non- Prohibited Bore Weapon


(a) Personal arms license

(b) Institutional license/private security company




1000/- per annum


1000/- per annum

Extending validity to the whole of Pakistan5000/-
Revalidation fee1400/- 
Processing fee1400 
Duplicate fee1000 
Increase in the number of cartridges10/- for each bullet. 
Change of bore1000/- 
Transfer on inheritance basis1000/- 
Fee structure pertaining to Manufacturing, Repairing and keep for sale, etc


License for keeping or sale of arms, ammunition, or military stores

License for manufacturing500,000/-200,000/-
License for Repairing20,000/-10,000/-
Enhancement of quota


i. Per bullet

ii. Per weapon




Transportation fee


i. Per bullet

ii. Per weapon




Fee for change of place of business100,000/- 
Duplicate license fee25,000/- 
Transfer on inheritance basis25,000/-

How To Apply For Computerized Arms License From NADRA

To strengthen the arms governing system, NADRA in the initial stage will issue only smart cards. Remember NADRA only renews gun license. For this purpose, NADRA Pakistan has started its operation in Islamabad, Lahore, Sargodha, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Sukkur & Karachi. Additional information regarding NADRA registration centers is below.

Arms license in pakistan

So if you still have an old book type arms license than you should certainly visit the NADRA office. Get computerized and renew arms license from NADRA before the expiry of the grace period.

Requirements For renewal Of Arms License At NADRA

For the purpose of renewal of weapon licence in Pakistan you have to keep following documents with you:

Procedure For Renewal At Arm License Facilitation Center

  1. Application Form
  2. Copy of License issued by MOI
  3. Copy of CNIC
  4. Fee deposit slip
Arms license in pakistan

The license renewal procedure consists of main 6 steps.

Step 1- Get Token

This the first step in which they will give you token after verification of below documents;

  1. Your original CNIC
  2. Original old weapon License (in case it’s lost then copy of FIR)
  3. Payslip of UBL-Omni (Which is Rs.1400)
  4. In case of a retainer, he himself along with the original CNIC must appear

Step 2- Picture/ Thumb Impression

After that when your number arrives, they will take photos of you along with a finger impression. In the case of the retainer, his photographs and finger impression are also taken.

Step 3- Data Entry

At that time keep original required documents with you. Enter your complete and accurate record. In the case of a retainer, he will also have to enter his accurate data. Once it’s complete, again check it for any spelling mistake.

Step 4- Printed Form

Now its time to get printed form. Check it if there is any mistake. If not then sign it and hand it over to the concerned officer.

Step 5- Get Certificate

Now, Nadra official will scan your all documents while retaining your original arms license. In its place they will issue you a certificate after the sign of the officer in charge. This certificate is an alternate license and it will expire after 3 months.

Step 6-  Scrutiny of Documents

For checking and scrutiny, all documents will be sent to the concerned DCO office. After complete scrutiny, you will obtain your renew computerized arms license from NADRA. This process can take 2 to 3 months after the submission of the application provided that all other requirements have been fulfilled.


How To Track Computerized Arms License In Pakistan?

You can also check the status of application by send your tracking ID number on 8200.

What Is The Validity & Expiry Of Arms License Issued By Govt. Of Punjab?

The arms license of the Government of Punjab is valid within the whole of Punjab and it will expire every 31 December of the year for which it is valid.

Is There Any grace Period For Renewal Of weapon License?

Yes, Govt. has provided a grace period which is the initial three months of the calendar year. This period is given to every license holder in order to get his arms to license renewed without any penalty.

What If You Failed To Renew Your License Within Grace Period?

If you have failed to renew your arms license don’t worry. Just appear in the concerned NADRA center and submit the prescribed fee along with the penalty. The license will be renewed on the satisfaction of the issuing authority about the delay.

Punjab Arms License Online Tracking

Punjab the licensing authority has also started an online tracking service to check application status. You can visit and check your own status.

Features of Computerized Arms License NADRA

Here are some of the features of the computerized card that NADRA is currently offering:

  • Applicant photo on both sides of the card.
  • Easy verification of applicant particulars.
  • Easy verification of weapon: Card bears weapon information for instant verification.
  • Weapon Owner Track-ability Via CNIC.
  • Foolproof and Secure Document by introducing various security features in the card.
  • Machine readability through bar code.
  • Secure Lamination on both sides with GOP Logos that are visible under ultraviolet light.


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