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Atmateen law site is based on established law firm having offices in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We are a group of  dynamic and professional lawyers committed to provide legal services  to our client. We have strong will to serve in the interest of our clients

We provide services in different fields of law including, Property Legal issues, Inheritance dispute, Rent cases, Family matters, Civil & Criminal, Company & Corporate matters, Service matters and all other relevant field of law in Pakistan with complete confidence

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In Pakistan when someone struck with any legal issue or problem, it’s very difficult to find details and solution. Furthermore to find authentic information on internet is somehow dream.

To counter this issue our law firm has decided to start a project with the name of Behind the scene there is exists a team of experienced lawyers, who are reliable. You can engage these lawyers if you have any legal difficulty.

Another theme behind this project is to equip our newly enrolled lawyers with knowledge. They can read articles relating to their advocate license. For their help we have also provided sample format of Civil and Criminal cases. New lawyers can use them as well.

For general public, we have also provided different articles they can read them and can secure their rights.

Some of you might think the law is difficult or legal information is hard to find, but it is not so. Through this website, we are trying our level best to give you latest and authentic information. It was our objective to help people and give them feasible solution.

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