Get Legal Help

  • Do you have a Civil/Criminal claim against someone?
  • Do you want to fight a case in court?
  • Are you facing civil or criminal proceedings in court?
  • Do you want to sell or buy a property.
  • Require consultation about your Tax matters
  • The advice in the Family matter
  • Any other legal service you want,

If you need legal for preparing & filling case or you want to consult about your problem. We have a team of expert lawyers ready to serve you.

Besides it better to consult your attorney before filing suit so that you can get a better understanding and result of your case.

We provide legal help in following areas:

  • Family Cases (Khula, guardianship of the child, recovery of dowry articles, maintenance of wife or child)
  • Civil Cases (Relating to property, Gift, Will, dispossession, etc)
  • Rent Matters ( Notice to evict tenant, Suit for Eviction of the tenant, Creating Agreement between tenant or landlord)
  • Criminal Cases (Cybercrimes, Banking frauds, Anti-corruption, Drugs smuggling, post-arrest bail or pre-arrest bail)
  • Custom and Taxation (NTN, Return Filling, Sales tax registration, claim tax rebate)
  • Registration of Trademark, Patents, Copyrights
  • Succession Certificates to withdraw money financial institutions.
  • Clearance certificate from police to visit abroad
  • Registration of Company, Firm, NGO, Software house.

 You can get legal help via contacting on our contact us page. Initially, we provide legal help in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi.