How To Get Lawyer License Of Punjab Bar Council In Pakistan [Updated]

Everybody knows how to become a lawyer in Pakistan. But once new law graduates came out from the universities they seem to be confused as to how to get a lawyer license from the Punjab bar council. Another confusion of young lawyers is about joining senior advocates. For that, I have also made a post on this particular issue so do read it.

In this guide, I will tell you how to get a lawyer’s license. It is a procedure that you have to follow in order to get the license. It contains two major stages and some other little steps. The PBC has also started an online advocate registration system. You can also read about the Punjab bar council online intimation system.

First Intimation

After completing the LLB degree from the universities. The very first thing which you have to do is to send the first intimation to the concerned Bar Council. For example, if you are in Punjab then this intimation is sent to the Punjab Bar Council. In the case of Sindh, the Sindh Bar council and so on.

Punjab bar council intimation form is a prescribed form that can easily be obtained from the concerned district bar council. Provide all the relevant information in this form and pay the prescribed fee which is Rs 1500 if your age is under 25 years, this fee increases when your age increases.

This fee is to be paid through certain challan form which can be obtained from district bar councils or from members of the Punjab bar council or from the concerned bank. As for the Punjab bar council, they receive all fees via Habib Bank Ltd.

Attach all your academic records with the Punjab bar council intimation form which includes your matriculation, intermediate, bachelor certificates, and transcript mark sheet of your LLB. Along with them attach photos with white background. And send all these documents via registered post or through the member of the Punjab bar.

When you are finished sending the post. Then make a contact with the member of the Punjab bar or information department of the Punjab bar council to obtain your diary number. This diary number is very important for future correspondence.

Pass The Test In Order To Enroll In The Bar

After completing the first intimation stage to get a lawyer license. Your district bar on behalf of the Punjab bar or Sindh or Baluchistan bar will conduct a written test of also known as the lawyer’s entry test or LAW-GAT. It is conducted to check your knowledge in the field of law.

The intimation test for lawyers is comprised of 100 or sometimes 50 marks, 75% comprises multiple type questions and 25% comprises essay writing. The district bar will announce the schedule appear in it and pass this test. If you want past the Punjab bar council intimation test paper on the lawyer entry test you can click here Law_Sample_Paper.

Second Intimation

The period of apprenticeship starts from the date of the first intimation. This period lasts for 6 months. When you know that your 6 month period is about to complete send your second intimation to the Punjab Bar Council. But before you have to give lawyers test and if you have passed it then attach the copy of the Punjab bar council intimation result.

This second intimation is the last stage to get the lawyer’s license. It consists of various forms and you should be very careful while filing these forms.

Age Limit for Getting Lawyer License From Punjab Bar Council

In the form of the first intimation, a list has been provided. This list shows the age limit and the Punjab bar council intimation fee which will be paid accordingly in order to get a lawyer license. This list is also given as under for the benefit of new-coming lawyers:

  1. Up to the age of 21 to 25 years Punjab bar council intimation Fee Rs.18650
  2. Age from 25 to 30 years Fee Rs.24850
  3. Age from 30 to 35 years Fee Rs.29850
  4. Age from 35 to 40 years Fee Rs. 19650 without fee of Benevolent fund which can be around Rs. 35000
  5. Age from 40 to 50 years Fee Rs. 28650
  6. Age from 50 to 60 years Fee Rs.85650
  7. Age from 60 and above Fee Rs.157650

Punjab Bar Council License Fee

As already explained the Punjab bar council license fee depends on the age of the candidate. If the age is between 21 years to 25 years the lawyer license fee will be Rs18650. On the other hand, if the age is 60 years the Punjab bar council license fee will be 157650.

Application For Enrollment

lawyer license
lawyer license

Above captioned images are of Form A which is basically an application for enrollment. Fill this form also pay the prescribed fee according to your age. Now this time you need 7 challan forms from the bank or from the member bar council.

Application For Registration As Contributor To The Punjab Advocate Benevolent Fund

Along with this From A. You need to get a form of Application for registration as a contributor to the Punjab advocate benevolent fund. It looks like this

lawyer license

Certificate of Training

Then there is Form B Which is a certificate of training. This form is filled by the senior advocate under which you complete your apprenticeship. This certificate is given by the advocate who has a practice of at least 10 years. This form is as under

lawyer license

Application For The Issuance Of Identity Card

Then there is a form for the application for the issuance of the identity card of the advocate.

lawyer license


In the process of getting a lawyer license, you have to give an undertaking. That you will become a member of the local bar council within a period of 6 months

second intimation

Certificates From Advocates

Now you need certificates from two senior advocates. They will certify that you have a good moral character.

lawyer license


Then you have to give an affidavit deposing that you have no criminal record and have no other business. This affidavit should be attested by the notary public. The minimum value of this affidavit must be 20 rupees.

lawyer license

List of 20 Cases Is  Provided To Get Lawyer License

You are also required to provide a list of 20 cases. In which you participated during your apprenticeship of 6 months under the senior advocate.

Along with all these forms submit the prescribed fee according to your age.

Attach your attested academic record. But this time you should also attach the Punjab bar council intimation result of the first intimation. Which was held under the bar council and also provide a copy of the LLB degree? In the absence of a degree attach original provisional certificate(in case).

Now compile these documents and send them again to the bar council through post or through member bar council.

Scrutiny By The Bar Council

All your documents will be checked by the Punjab bar council. If everything is in order then your complete file will again be sent to the member bar council in your district.

Two examiners who are also a member of the Punjab bar will take your interview. They will ask questions about your 6-month apprenticeship. If you passed your interview, then the examiner will again send your file to the Punjab bar councils.

lawyer license

Now your whole procedure is now complete wait for about one week. Your lawyer’s license will come to the member Punjab bar council.

Go and get that lawyer license now you are an advocate……… Congratulations.

If You want to read about PBC online intimation service then read this post.


  1. Sir i have passed my intimation on 2017 with 71 marks but could not get liesence some circumstances. Now i want to get the liesnce. Plz sir tell me my test is valid now or not or reappear again in the test.

  2. Dear sir,
    I have a BSc hons in a non law degree from UK and after that I have done my GDL, LLM and Bar at Law from London.
    With these qualifications can i get a bar license or is LLB neccessary?

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