First Information Report: Related Questions

The first information report also is known as FIR is used by police to take cognizance of any crime. Section 154 of the criminal procedure code elaborates on the first information report. This section says when an offense is reported to police it is the duty of the police to register an FIR. Then section 155 explains that after registering the first information report the police have to start its investigation.

It is the duty of every person to know about the law. As the Quote says “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

So here I will tell you briefly bout what is the format of FIR? Who can lodge an FIR? What if I delay in lodging in FIR? and What are the Do and Don’t s while lodging FIR? Can ignorance of the law is no excuse can be lodged?

So Question Who can lodge an FIR? Its simple answer is anyone who has the knowledge of the occurrence or the complainant (Victim) can register the case.

If the delay has been occurring in filing the first information report then it can create problems for the complainant. It usually creates suspicion in the prosecution story. Always register the FIR immediately.

But still, there is some exception in which delay can be overlooked. These reasons may be one of these;

  1. The informer is sick or injured
  2. distance in the place of occurrence from that of a police station
  3. Due to threat or undue influence
  4. The crime was detected later on etc

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