How To Register Firm (Partnership) In Islamabad & Rawalpindi

It is a Pakistani law to register firm before you establish partnership business. The Partnership act 1932 governs procedure to register firm. But once firm registration process is complete you get to enjoy certain statutory right which non registered firm are unable to enjoy.

Here we will explain how to register firm or partnership? What are the requirements to register firm. And what is firm registration fee in Pakistan?

But before it is important to explain what is firm?

Firm or Partnership

Section 4 of partnership act explains the term Partnership;

“It says that it is a relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits and losses of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all”

The act of the partner is called partnership but collectively their business is known as firm.

The partnership is commonly feasible where the operations of business consists on small and medium sized. Although there is no compulsory requirement to register firm of a partnership in Pakistan. Nonetheless registering a partnership firm does lead to tax and litigation related consequences that are advantageous to the business.

Firm Registration Offices

The government has opened firm registration office in almost all major cities. In these offices official has been appointed which are called registrar of firm. They are entrusted with responsibilities to issue certificate after firm registration process completes.

Firm registration office in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Karachi are successfully performing their duties.

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Requirements To Register Firm or To Register A Partnership

To register firm or to register law firm, it is necessary to have two or more persons but not more than 40 person. Because in that case you have to convert partnership into registered company.

Section 58 of partnership act 1932 also explains legal requirement to register firm. These requirements are;

  • Each partner’s full name, Father or Husband’s Name, Residential Address and Occupation.
  • Copy of the National Identity Cards of each partner.
  • Partnership deed on stamp paper valuing Rs 1000 only. A Partnership Deed is the document containing an agreement that details the rights and obligations of each partner participating in the venture.
  • Proof of the address of partnership business, usually utility bills
  • If the address of the partnership business is rented then the rent deed is required
  • Copy of the original receipt of Partnership fee (Firm registration fee in Pakistan is Rs. 1000). This fee needs to be deposited at the National Bank of Pakistan, through a Challan Form under the Head of Account: C-03545 (Click here to download Challan form)
  • Signature of all the partners in partnership\firm business in presence of a registrar or an authorized officer.

Documents Required To Register Firm

To register firm or partnership business one should need these documents.

  • Fill Partnership Form No. 1 (Click here download form)
  • Partnership Deed on Stamp paper Rs. 1000 (click here for partnership deed format)
  • Affidavit of truthfulness regarding information on Stamp paper valuing Rs. 50.
  • Receipt of Firm registration fee.
  • Copy of rent deed/ lease agreement of office premise.
  • Copy of utilities Bill mainly electricity bill.
  • Copy of Computerized national identity card of partners and witnesses.
  • Duly attested Stamp paper from notary public.

Procedure To Register Firm

First you need to fill Form no 1. Provide complete details. Then draft partnership deed and affidavit on prescribed stamp paper. Notarized them as well. Submit fee of firm registration attach its challan receipt. Prepare complete file and submit it to registrar of firms.

After complete inspection of documents he will give you date with is normally 2 or 3 days. After which he will give you certificate of registered firm.

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