Format of Legal Notice to Evict Tenant From Premises

Section 18 of the Islamabad Rent Restriction Ordinance 2001 requires the landlord to give legal notice to evict the tenant. The same scheme is followed in Punjab rented premises act 2009, through legal notice tenant is informed that he has violated any term of the rent agreement.

Grounds of Eviction

The law has explained some grounds on which a landlord can vacate his property from the tenant after duly served legal notice to evict. These grounds are as follows:

  1. the period of tenancy has expired,
  2. the tenant has failed to pay or tender the rent within a period of thirty days after the expiry of the period stipulated in the rent agreement,
  3. the tenant has committed a breach of a term or condition of the tenancy agreement,
  4. the tenant has committed a violation of an obligation mentioned in the agreement,
  5. the tenant has used the premises for a purpose which is different from the purpose for which it has been let out,
  6.  the tenant has sub-let the premises without the prior written consent of the landlord,
  7. the building or rented land is reasonably and in good faith required by the landlord for the reconstruction or erection of a building or the landlord has obtained the necessary sanction.

Format of Legal Notice to Evict

There we have provided a reliable sample draft of legal notice to evict the tenant from the premises. Use this sample after making necessary changes.

 Counsel Name(ABC)

Advocate High Court

Ref:-__________                                                                                                                                       Date:- _____________



W/o ________

R/o _________

Subject:-          LEGAL NOTICE TO EVICT

That I have been instructed by my client AAS S/o IAS R/o __________________ to serve upon with the following legal notice to evict from premises.

  1. That you and my client entered into a rent agreement 06-01-2004 regarding the tenancy of House ___, bearing Khasra ______, situated at Range Road, _________, Rawalpindi, which is under the ownership of my client and you being the tenant of the above-said house entered into the said agreement initially for a period of one year.
  2. That Rs. 15000/- was fixed as monthly rent at that time. Later the agreement was extended between you and my client and now the monthly rent of the above-said house is Rs. 20000/-.
  3. That, in the beginning, you paid the monthly rent regularly but after the period of some time, you were failed to pay regularly, and in time rent and my client number of time requested you to pay the monthly rent in time but you failed to do so. It is worthwhile to mention here that you impair the said house by way of misusing the said house.
  4. That the premises are required for the personal use of my client as the residential house of my client is insufficient for his use, therefore, he needs the said house for his own use.
  5. That my client requested you to vacate the premises mentioned above but you are not ready to hear anything reasonable.
  6. That through this legal notice to evict you are advised to vacate the said house within 10 days of receiving instant legal notice, otherwise, my client has positively instructed me to file a suit for eviction against you in the Court of Law at your risk and costs.

A copy of the instant legal notice to evict is retained in my office for further necessary action. 




  1. what are tenant rights in this global pandemic due to lockdown, When landlord totally refused to compensate? thanks

  2. Salam .hope all is well I would like to file a suit against my tenant what is the time period requires and the fee.

    Thank you
    Ghulam Sarwar.

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