Human Trafficking: What steps can be taken to eradicate human trafficking by the Government

Written By: Fatima Tariq

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Human trafficking is a very serious and monstrous crime. In the present times, it is the modern version of enslavement. Millions of people are affected by human trafficking every year. It is defined as the impelled trade of people for the sole purpose of sexual slavery and labor exploitation.[1] Condoleezza Rice, the former U.S. Secretary of the State, in 2007, put his thoughts in words saying that Human Trafficking is the newest form of bondage involving the trafficking of humans worldwide. In this profit-loss game, women and children being comparatively delicate are the most vulnerable prey.[2]

The government should introduce some constructive measures and laws so that efforts can be made to educate our youth about human trafficking, specifically in women and children. The government can help to improve the laws. People are abided by laws, so if the government makes amendments in the law, it can lead to the reduction of human trafficking as people will know the punishments of a specific crime.

For example, the Canadian government has a system where if they find any information about human trafficking, they try to take legal actions and end the human trafficking in that specific region. This type of system should be adopted by other countries in order to prevent human trafficking. The government can also appoint undercover agents and spy that lookout for any type of human trafficking.

The government can also make partnerships in various violence control programs. They can do partnerships with the countries that are working against human trafficking to reduce the crime rate in their country. The government can also gain funds for helping victims by making polls and funding sites so that the victims can be helped. The government can make a committee that helps the people to stand against such crimes.

One most requisite step to eliminate human trafficking by the government is Birth Registration. Through this step, the identification of a person is secured and his recognition becomes easy in cases of international trafficking. It is also helpful if someone is missing or trafficked as it provides proof that the person is unaccountable for. Moreover, it is very important for the accurate age calculation as well.

One way to control the crime ratio is to offer the public a socially-acceptable amount of remuneration so that the people don’t indulge in illegal and exploitative activities in the hope of a promising future for their families. This step would help to reduce poverty in a country. 

Effective measures should be taken to save people from identity and travel document fraud. Also, information sharing, reinforcement of monitors, border controls, and execution of the imperative laws are important to combat human trafficking.

 Constructive measures should be taken by the government for the children’s safety. This includes the protection of their residencies by ensuring safe and peaceful surroundings. Those children, especially adolescents who experience domestic abuse and aggression are usually inclined towards leaving their family and house. In some cases, victims show more sensitivity to the rows of traffickers. There can also be examples where the victims are unwilling to return home after being found and they would want to be re-trafficked. Therefore, the introduction of legislation to guard our children is the need of the hour.

Traffickers usually beguile women by marrying them and then use them for abduction and exploitation. It provides a legal basis for transporting them, both within a country and outside the country. In many countries, married people are considered mature adults even if they are underaged. Therefore, there could be a possibility that the laws protecting the children are not applied to them. In this situation, it is mandatory to formulate proper legislation to outlaw early marriages and ensure the proper application of these laws. 

Human trafficking can also be reduced if the government and people work together. The government can provide basic standards that can raise awareness in people which leads to the strong prevention of human trafficking. People can act on these laws and standards so that the reasons that lead to human trafficking can be reduced and probably eradicated. Thus, for the reduction of human trafficking, it is necessary for the government and people to work together and that can lead to the spreading of awareness. The government formed agencies can help the victims and people can speak for the victims who lost their voice due to being threatened and abused.

As to conclude, the aspect of human trafficking violates all laws provided under the fundamental human rights, the traffickers attack the vulnerability of the mind of the people to exploit the situation. Collaborations at a local and international level are highly needed to eradicate this crime from our government and judicial system, from the non-government authorizations, health care professionals, and public educational institutions. In our fight to exterminate this crime, laws and prosecution strategies should be implemented in such a way that they unveil the major geographical, commercial, and structural elements of human trafficking.

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