How To Get Domicile Certificate In Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Domicile Certificate is the most essential legal document which you must have in order to prove that you are an inhabitant or a permanent resident of a certain city. The domicile certificate in Islamabad & Rawalpindi is issued under the provision of Pakistan Citizenship 1952.

As per law citizens can get only one domicile certificate from one city. Here in this post, we have tried to explain how you can get a domicile certificate in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. A complete process with required documents is here.

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What is Domicile Certificate and Why I Need It In Pakistan?

The certificate of domicile is basically a residence certificate. It issued to a person who has been living or staying in a particular province, region, or city of Pakistan.

When a person is living at any place of Pakistan for a considerable period of time then the Federal government or the provincial government issues a certificate of domicile.

There are different uses of domicile certificate in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. You may need domicile for;

  • Government employment
  • Avail various benefits of quotas
  • To get admission in university for the education
  • Foreign countries employments & education

Requirements Of Certificate of Domicile In Islamabad & Rawalpindi

The Islamabad capital territory administration has the power to issue domicile. Usually its the assistant commissioner. On the other hand, In Rawalpindi Punjab government issues domicile certificate. Again this power is delegated to the commissioner or assistant commissioner.

Documents required for a domicile certificate in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are almost the same.

Applicants whose age is above 18 years

  • Applicant CNIC
  • Copy of CNIC of Father/Husband (in case applicant is a married person)
  • In case, the husband has died then a copy of his death certificate
  • Copy of Proof of Islamabad Residence. or Rawalpindi residency in case the applicant is from Rawalpindi Punjab. (Proof includes property, lease or rents agreement)
  • One original paid utility bill (Electricity, Gas, or Telephone) of the residence
  • One copy of SSC/Matric Certificate
  • Copy of Marriage Registration Certificate (for married persons)
  • Four Passport size photographs
  • Bank Challan duly stamped
  • Affidavit of Rs 5 in Islamabad and in Rawalpindi affidavit of Rs. 50 (dully stamped by a notary public)
  • Proof of trade or occupation (Whether applicants is student, employee, or businessman)

For the applicants who are under the age of 18 years

  • Copy of NADRA From-B
  • One copy of CNIC of Father/Mother
  • Copy of Domicile Certificate of the parent(s) in which the name of the applicant is mentioned
  • In case the father has died then his death certificate
  • Copy of SSC/Matric Certificate
  • Affidavit on Stamp paper of Rs. 5 in Islamabad and Rs. 50 in Rawalpindi
  • Four passport size photographs
  • Proof of trade or occupation (Whether applicants is student, employee, or businessman)

Procedure To Get Domicile Certificate in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

The application for the issuance of domicile must be made in Form P (Download From P). Along with form P, you must attach an affidavit of applicants’ truthfulness.

Attach all required documents and submit them to the concerned Citizen Facilitation Centers i.e. Islamabad or Rawalpindi. You must also pay a domicile fee of Rs 200 via Challan 32-A. You can pay the fee on any branch of the National Bank of Pakistan.

In Islamabad, the domicile processing fee is Rs 1000 apart from the challan fee. At the time of submission, applicants must appear in person.

Get a token and wait for your turn. Upon your number, you will be called for biometrics, Pic and data entry. When the concerned person enters all your bio information then he will give you an e-receipt.

Usually, this whole process takes 7 to 14 days. When the day comes present e-receipt at the citizen facilitator center and get your domicile certificate.

Domicile Verification Punjab Pakistan

Can domicile be made online? Currently, there is no online system to get a domicile certificate. However, if you have applied for a domicile in Rawalpindi, then there is a domicile online verification system.

Just enter your CNIC number or domicile receipt no and check the status of your application. On the other hand, there is no online verification system in Islamabad.

How To change Domicile In Pakistan

As already explained that you can get only one domicile throughout Pakistan. But if you have already got domicile and now you want to change domicile. You will need NOC from that district from where you get your first domicile.

In case, if you failed to present NOC or tried to get a domicile certificate by concealing that fact. Then authorities can take criminal action against you. That includes proceedings of fraud, cheating, etc.


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