How To Get NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate In Pakistan

NADRA is the sole authority in Pakistan which provides various services and certificates. Two certificates are the most popular e.g. birth registration certificate and marriage registration certificate. The NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC) in Pakistan is a very important and strong document.

It is concrete legal proof of marriage (Nikah) record between two persons (husband and wife) in Pakistan. Basically, there are two types of marriage certificates in Pakistan e.g Urdu Nikkah Nama and English Marriage Certificate.

The latter Marriage Certificate issued by NADRA is a fully computerized and more authentic document that can be used in all legal forums. You can also get legal help from our experts.

Urdu Nikkah Nama AKA Manual Marriage Certificate

The moment when marriage is solemnized the nikkah khawan (also known as Molvi) enters all the particulars of bride and groom along with two witnesses on nikahnma. This nikahnama consists of 3 copies, one is given to the married couple. The remaining copies are kept as a record of NADRA and the union council.

Nikahnama Sample

For the purpose of informing the sample of nikahnama is given below. Getting a nikah name is mandatory for every marrying person under the Muslim family law ordinance 1961.

Marriage Registration Certificate

NADRA marriage certificate

After getting Urdu Nikah Nama from nikah khawan. It is used to get the NADRA marriage registration certificate which is a computerized document and contains full information about married people. But don’t assume that NADRA issues marriage certificate directly instead it has developed a special system for this purpose.

Sample of NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate

This sample is for the only review. All information has been deleted for privacy reasons.

marriage registration certificate

Marriage Certificate Issuing Authorities

The following are the authorities in Pakistan which issue this certificate, depending upon the address and area where you live.

  1. Union Council
  2. TMA Office
  3. Cantonment Board Office
  4. Arbitration Council in Islamabad

Who Can Apply For Marriage Registration Certificate

Any sane, adult married person in Pakistan can apply for Marriage Certificate from NADRA Pakistan. But the applicant must have Urdu Nikkah Nama prior to the registration in NADRA.

It is also a common practice that people with old marriages do not apply for a NADRA marriage registration certificate. But rest assured they can also obtain NADRA Marriage Certificate if they still have an official stamped copy of their Nikkah Nama.

What NADRA Marriage Certificate Proves?

The computerized Nikahnama is a cogent, coherent, and concrete evidence that confirms the solemnization of marriage between two persons. It has worldwide acceptance because the Govt. of Pakistan has sanctioned that document.

Requirements To Obtain NADRA marriage Registration certificate:

Fulfill all the requirements before applying to visit NADRA offices. This requirement includes:

  1. Copy of CNIC from the groom
  2. Copy of CNIC from the bride
  3. Copy of CNIC from father & mother of the bride
  4. Copy of CNIC from father & mother of the groom
  5. Copy of CNIC from Molvi (Nikkah Khawan)
  6. Copy of Official Manual Marriage Certificate (Nikkah Nama)

Procedure to Get NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate In Pakistan:

  1. In order to get the NADRA marriage certificate first, arrange all required documents. Then visit the relevant issuing authorities mentioned in the list above depending upon your current residence address. In all major cities, local union councils are fully competent and authorized to issue NADRA marriage registration certificates. While in cantonment areas it can be issued from cantonment board offices. The TMA in many small cities also issues a marriage certificate. The residents of Islamabad can obtain their NADRA marriage certificates from the Arbitration Council office. Which is established under the Muslim family law ordinance 1961.
  2. Once you visit the Concerned issuing office. They will give you an application form to fill before they issue the NADRA marriage certificate. This application form can be obtained from the same issuing office. Click here to check the marriage registration certificate application form to know it’s contents.
  3. Submit documents along-with filled application form and official fee in the considered issuing office.
  4. When you get the certificate read all contents of your NADRA marriage certificate to check if they are accurate. Re-check your particulars on the marriage certificate and match them with your official documents. You can ask for correction if there is any typo mistake by the issuing office.

How long will it take from application completion to delivery?

After fulfilling whole procedure NADRA marriage registration certificate can be issued in approx. 5-10 working days depending upon the workload and other factors in the relevant issuing office.

NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Fee:

NADRA didn’t specifically explain the fee of the marriage certificate. But concerned issuing departments can better quote their official fee to process NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate because this fee can vary in different cities.

NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Online Tracking / Verification Online:

Unfortunately, currently online verification or tracking of NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Pakistan is not available for the general public. You can inquire only by contacting or visiting the same concerned issuing office.

Where NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Can Be Used?

NADRA certificates can be used in a different process.

  1. In foreign countries, it is used to prove the marriage contract
  2. For immigration purpose
  3. To get a family Visa
  4. In Divorce matters
  5. In Dissolution of marriage
  6. In all legal matters
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  1. Great, very informative column, tks

  2. Hi.I am Aneel from lahore ..and I am belong to a Christian family.. And I want to registered my marriage Certificate from Nadra. . Do you please tell me the fee and procedure and kindly tell me how much duration they give you for Marriage Certificate.

    • Hi thanks for the informative share.
      I am from previous Fata bajur, I want to make marriage certificate but we don’t have Union council here where should I apply and get this, your reply will highly be appreciated thanks

  3. Amazing …..????????.
    Thank u for ging us such informating thing

  4. I want to register marriage in Pakistan and I am in UAE. I marry a different nationality.

    • Dear contact our lawyers and discuss this matter with him. He will guide you and you can also appoint him on behalf of you to get marriage certificate.
      Malik Awais Alam

  5. It’s useful

  6. Dear @mateen i already get my marriage certificate from union council but there is written unmarried in marital status for both of us
    Is it right or wrong?

  7. Aslam aleykum I married to afghan citizen and we married 10 years ago and now I want to computerise my nikah nama so I want to know bout process kindly guide me please

  8. Hi. My daughter got married in 2014. The Molvi took nikah nama with him and didn’t register it at any level. We got to know now. What can we do to register it.

  9. I am an ahmadi and I want to register my marriage in Nadra. What do I have to do? I am doing this for spouse visa purpose.

    • the procedure is same even if you are christian. First conduct marriage under valid nikah nama and then you can get marriage certificate from NADRA.
      If you belong rawalpindi or islamabad you can directly contact us on below given number.
      Malik Awais Alam

  10. My friend has divorced his wife. Now he want to know that his wife next married to any other person or not. Because he want to take his son back from his wife.
    Please tell me how can he traced his ex-wife 2nd nikah nama if she do nikah any other person

  11. Mijhy marriage certificate chahiye plz is ko fee kitni hai

  12. Assalam o Alikum i am Mehk I had to ask you that my mother has been married for many years and Abu has died now. They did not get a marriage certificate. Now they have to get a marriage certificate to apply for a visa.
    In this regard, the Union Council has spoken, which is in the village of Abu, they would
    Says that the certificate will be made in the same place where the marriage took place, that is, in my mother’s village. Please guide me in this regard.

    • They are telling you right. This the actual law, where the marriage took place the same area’s union council is authorized to give the marriage certificate. It would be appropriate to send blood relatives of your husband to visit the council and get a certificate. or appoint anyone trough special power of attorney if you don’t want to visit personally.

  13. Hello, I got married 2 years ago. Now i have moved out of city. I want to get marriage certificate but it is impossible for me to get the CNIC of Nikah Khawan, What should I do??

    • do you need the marriage certificate of NADRA or Nikahnama. The NADRA issues a Marriage certificate you can visit their office and present the CNIC of the bride and Groom along with Nikahnama and NAdra will issue you a marriage certificate. On the other hand, if you need nikahnama then you need to visit the concerned union council in which your marriage took place, or you can appoint any person through power of attorney.

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