How To Get Union Council Birth Certificate In Pakistan

Union Council Birth Certificate

The process of union council birth certificate is mandatory requirement under Pakistan law. Acquiring birth certificate is a fundamental right of every child recognized by national as well as international law.

For that union council birth certificate is the first step after which NADRA issues child registration certificate (CRC). And then on the basis of NADRA birth form one is able to get CNIC.

In Pakistan different statutes deals with child birth registration process.

For Example,

Cantonments Act 1924, deals with birth registration of children born in cantonment area.

Local Government Ordinance 2001, give administration power to Unions to maintain union council child birth registration system. This system keeps the record and when asked issues births certificates, deaths certificate and marriages certificates.

National Database Registration Authority Ordinance 2000, is also responsible for registration of a citizen under 18 years by his/her guardian/ parent, not later than one month after his/her birth.

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What is Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is a legal document. This certificate is a valid acceptable proof of person’s birth in Pakistan. This documents also determines the parentage, date of birth, place of birth of minor.

Who Can File Application For Birth Certificate At Union Council?

First priority is given to child’s parents, they have to personally appear before union council office while giving applying for union council birth certificate.

If parents are outside country or dead then first blood relative can apply for birth registration. But they have to provide certified copy of Court’s guardian certificate and death certificate (if parents are dead). In cases where a child has been adopted, a Court Guardian Certificate will also be required.

Documents Required For Union Council Birth Certificate

When you apply for union council birth certificate, make sure that you have all the required documents in hand.

  1. Application form for computerized birth certificate
  2. Affidavit on stamp paper
  3. Hand written application to chairman union council
  4. CNIC of parents
  5. Birth Receipts of Hospital (known as janam parchi)

Union Council Birth Registration Fee

In Punjab the fee for getting union council birth certificate is Rs. 200/-. But those who live in Islamabad capital territory the fee of child birth registration depends upon delay in application.

If the application of Child birth registration is given to CDA immediately it Rs.50, after one year fee is Rs.60, after 5 years the birth registration fee is Rs.630.

You can click on this link to get CDA child birth registration form. This form is applicable in Islamabad.

Process of Getting Union Council Birth Certificate

If you or your child don’t have union council birth certificate then you should immediately approach your concerned union council.

While applying for child birth certificate from union council you should visit their office and get application form from.

union council birth certificate

This sample form of child birth registration is available at each union councils office. Read it carefully and then fill all blanks. Start with mention name of parents of child, his/her birth date. Then mention the name of grandfather. Attach copy of parent’s CNIC.

Along with this application you have to give affidavit on stamp paper. In this stamp paper you swore that all facts are true and nothing has been concealed. The sample affidavit of birth registration is given below.

Union Council Birth Certificate

The last thing that you need is hand written application. This application is given to chairman union council with a permission to enlist child name in union council record.

Union Council Birth Certificate

Attach all documents and submit them at union office along with Rs. 200 fee. You will get union council birth certificate with in 14 working days.

Late Entry Procedure for Union Council Birth Certificate

It is mandatory to enter information of child birth with in 20 days. But where that time elapse then where;

Delay is 21 days but before 7 years

The applicant have to submit application of reason that delay occurred. Along with this application one affidavit and hospital birth slip or where child is studying in school then school certificate or card of child vaccination is submitted to chairman or vice chairman only.

One certificate from councilor or Lambardar attesting the birth of child is also required.

After verification of birth detail secretary union council will enter date of birth with in 5 days.

Delay is more than 7 years

Where delay is more than 7 years then again documents that need to attach will remain same. But this time with in 7 days secretary union council will forward these documents to assistant commissioner. After confirmation from Assistant commissioner office entry will be made with in 7 days.

During that procedure applicant will be asked to consult medical superintendent in district headquarter hospital. He will examine the child to determine his age. That superintendent will submit his report to chairman or vice chairman. And upon chairman order secretary will enter date of birth in union council.

How Overseas Pakistan Can Get Union Council Child Birth

Those who are living abroad can with in 180 days reach Pakistani consulate to register their child birth in union council. A form S will be provided to those applicant. Fill it and then your consulate will send report to concerned union council.

This is the complete procedure for getting union council birth certificate.

If you have any question do ask us and if you require legal help then our professional team consists on lawyer will also help you.

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