Format of Suit of Dissolution of Marriage on the Basis of Khula

Dissolution of Marriage on the Basis of Khula is a procedure by which a wife divorce herself from her husband with the intervention of the court. This way wife surrenders her dower (Mehar). This right cannot be used by the wife blindly rather under compelling circumstances this right is used.

The dissolution Muslim marriages act 1939 states the grounds on which the right of khula can be exercised. Section 2 of the said Act provides nine grounds these are as under:

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Grounds of Dissolution of Marriage on the Basis of Khula

Section 2 of the said Act provides nine grounds these are as under:

  1. When the whereabouts of the husband are not known for the last four years.
  2. The husband failed to provide for maintenance for the last two years.
  3. The husband has taken the second wife without taking consent from his first wife.
  4. The husband has been sentenced to imprisonment for a period of seven years.
  5. The husband has failed to perform his matrimonial relationship with her wife for the last three years.
  6. The husband is impotent at the time of marriage.
  7. The husband is insane for two years or is suffering from leprosy or virulent venereal disease.
  8. The wife was under eighteen years of age at the time of marriage and after maturity she repudiated.
  9. The husband treats her wit cruelty means habitually assaults her, make her life miserable.
  10. Any other ground which is recognized as valid for the dissolution of marriage on the basis of khula.

Court Fee in Family Cases:

In all family cases, the court fee is Rs.15 only. The green stamp ticket valuing 15 has to be affixed on the pages of the plaint.

Draft of Suit For Dissolution of Marriage on the Basis of Khula

When a wife wants to press any one of the above-ground and seeks khulanama than she has to file a suit in family court. The court then summons the defendant to file a written statement. The sample format of suit for dissolution of marriage on the basis of khula is as under:


Family Suit No:______/2016

Wife ABC D/o def, R/o House No: 000, Street No:000, Sector: 000, Islamabad



Husband ghi S/o Jkl R/o House No: 00, Street No:00, Sector 00, Islamabad



Respectfully Sheweth:

  1.  That the plaintiff and defendant entered into a bond of marriage in the year 1998 according to Muslim rites and Shariah. The dower amount was fixed @ Rs. fifty thousand only which is still outstanding against the defendant.
  2. That after the marriage the attitude of the defendant became very harsh and cruel towards the plaintiff. The defendant also concealed the fact that he is already married. He also had to daughters from his previous marriage.
  3. That with the passage of time the attitude and behavior of the defendant became cruel and harsh. The plaintiff was also a victim of domestic violence and mental torture. The plaintiff tried her level best to save this marriage bond but she failed to do so, due to the uncooperative behavior of the defendant.
  4. That it is also pertinent to mention here that the defendant has badly failed to provide maintenance to the plaintiff in the past eighteen years. The defendant never had a job or business throughout his life. The defendant sold the jewelry from time to time and he used to force the plaintiff to bring money from her family. The defendant took all her savings and her share in the property of her father.
  5. That the plaintiff left with no choice and started working for herself. For the last eighteen years, the plaintiff is earning in order to live a happy married life. The defendant never provided even a single penny on account of maintenance rather plaintiff used to pay the rent of the house, groceries, boarding, lodging, and expenditures of the defendant.
  6. That on the 20th of December, the defendant has beaten the plaintiff inhumanly and turned her out of his house in the middle of the night. The plaintiff called the brother of the defendant who immediately came and rescued the plaintiff. The brother of the defendant stayed there till morning in order to save the plaintiff. The Very next morning plaintiff’s brother and sister came to take her in their home.
  7. That defendant has badly failed to perform his marital duties and obligations with the plaintiff and the defendant did not provide any maintenance to the plaintiff.
  8. That plaintiff has now developed a strong hatred in her heart against the defendant and she cannot live with him as a wife within the limits prescribed by the Allah almighty.
  9. That plaintiff seeks dissolution of marriage on the ground of non-provision of maintenance, cruelty, mental torture, and on the basis of khula, for which she is ready to forego her dower.
  10. That the cause of action accrued to the plaintiff firstly when the defendant turned the plaintiff out of his house and secondly a week ago when he refused to maintain her and also refused to have any contact with her.
  11. That the cause of action accrued to the plaintiff at Islamabad. The parties are also the resident of Islamabad, hence this court has jurisdiction to try and entertain the present suit.
  12. That the appropriate court fee has been affixed on the plaint.


It is most respectfully prayed that the decree for dissolution of marriage on the basis of khula may kindly be passed in favor of the plaintiff against the defendant.

Any other relief this honorable court deems fit and proper may also be awarded.





Valid on oath at Islamabad on this day___ of December 2016, that the contents of the plaint are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed from this honorable court.



Certified that this is the first case filed by the plaintiff on this subject and no other case is pending before any other court, High Court or Supreme Court



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