H-1B Visa Must be Abolished Says Donald Trump

USA issues H-1B visa to non emigrants. It allows them US based companies and corporation to give jobs to foreigners who have special skill, are graduate, have expertise in particular field for a fixed time period.

As the flow of non emigrants increases towards US, the H-1B visa came under great debate during presidential elections.

During campaign Donald Trump, the now elected president took this issue very seriously. The Washington post quoted the exact word of Trump, when he questioned in presidential debate about H-1B visa he said that;

I know the H1-B very well. We shouldn’t have it, it’s very, very bad for workers. It’s unfair to our workers and we should end it.

trump vowed to bring reforms in immigration act and also to reconstruct the rules for getting H-1B visa. Trump is against the H-1B visa Because:

  1. That due to the inflow of low skilled workers the amount of wages is going down.
  2. It causes unemployment for US citizens who have degree from Howard, Yale, Princeton.
  3. Foreigners are also creating drug relating problems.

While the campaign goes on Trump again and again changed his narrative on this H-1B visa issue. He said:

I’m not against this visa but i want to change the process of H-1B visa. There should be a requirement for the companies to first give priority to the American graduates, and if they can’t find skilled worker than give H-1B visa to foreigners….. says The Washington Post.


Trump said he is changing so is his ideas. when he was asked Are you against this particular visa or not? He said that,’No i am not”. We need skilled labor those foreigners who came in our country and studied in popular colleges and universities we don’t want to loose than. Than he said that he’s also not against the immigration system. But he is against those who came in united states illegally. They should go through the law which we have made, get permit or license whatever kind of. Just don’t enter illegally.

So what is the future of immigration system. Now that Donal Trump has been elected as 45th president of United States of America. we should wait and see…….

This article was published in The Washington Post and in The Washington Times.

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