Questions Which Are Asked During USA Visitor Visa Interview

When the applicant after completing all the stages reaches at the office of the embassy or consulate for visitor visa interview. The interviewer asked questions which have many importance to get the visa. Some made up examples of these questions are as under but these questions are not consider hard and fast rule, that they will always ask the same question. So every applicant should be mentally active while giving visitor visa interview. Some of these questions are given on various sites.

Questions relating to Visitor Visa Interview:

Q: Why do you want to visit USA?

A: Applicant has to tell the reason why he want to go to USA for example if he has any relatives or children or he is accompanying he can answer it accordingly. Or he can also say that there are some places which I have heard are very famous like loss angels or Chicago etc. I would like to visit these paces.

Q: How long you will stay there?

A: Applicant has to tell the exact duration in which he will stay there.

Q: Give the detail of any relative?

A: If the applicant has any relative in USA he has to give the details about them or he can simply answer in “NO”.

But one thing applicant must keep in mind that do not give details of relatives unless they ask first

Q: How are you going to bear the expenditures of this tour?

A: You can simply answer that my son or daughter or name specific relative who will bear the expenses of this tour. For support applicant need to present required document.

Q: Where will u stay during this tour?

A: Applicant need to give the same address which he has given in the form DS-160

For example; abc street, jkl city, yz state, 6789 zip code etc.

Q: Where you’re relatives lives, what they do and how much they earn?

A: If the applicant is parents and they have stated that they are going to visit their son or daughter than they have to provide them a valid address where their children lives and that address shall corresponds with the address stated in the form. Than tell them about their work whether they are employee or businessman with the proper documents relating to employment or business. Than tell the annual income which they earn also provide financial statements.

Q: What does your son in law or daughter in law do?

A: If the applicant has named his son or daughter in law in the form for visit than he has to give details about their work means their company and tell them his or her designation.

Q: Will u stay there for whole 6 month or you can conclude your tour in short time?

A: The applicant can answer that he is old and he want to visit places which he cannot do more quickly or he can also say that he want to stay for ceremony like new year eve or charismas. He can also say that if the consulate feels appropriate than a shorter visa will be acceptable.

Questions relating to sponsorship and relatives who are living in USA:

Q: Who is going to sponsor you?

A: Answer that our son or daughter.

Q: Are they married?

A: Answer in positive or negative.

Q: Do they have child?

A: Tell them properly do not tell them lie and also don’t make any guess.

Q: When is your son or daughter born?

A: Tell them exact date

Q: Does your daughter is currently carrying unborn baby?

A: Tell them if you know but be truth full at every stage

Q: When your daughter got married?

A: Tell them date if she is married and also give them some documentary proof otherwise applicant tell them she is not married?

Q: In the absence of your daughter or her husband at home what will u do?

A: If the applicant daughter is on visa which doesn’t allow work than he can tell them she lives in house and we will visit different places with her.

Q: What is the profession of your daughter or her husband?

A: Tell them our or my daughter do not work she is a house wife and her husband is accountant at ABC company. Also show them the proof.

Q: Where does your daughter lives?

A: She live with her husband if she is married at this and that place

Q: Can you give us the contacts?

A: Give them phone number or e mail address

Q: Since how long u last met your daughter or son?

A: Applicant has to give the actual answer according to reality if he has met than gives them date and circumstances of meeting whether in India or USA.

Q: Do you have any other relative beside your daughter or son?

A: If the applicant has relatives than give the detail about them, but applicant should not tell the consulate authorities about other relatives unless they ask first.

Q: For how long your son or daughter is living in USA?

A: Tell them the required information

Q:  What the nature of visa your son or daughter are holding?

A: Tell them that our son or daughter are holding H1 B1 or H4 visa or they are green card holder or they are US citizen

Q: Does your son or daughter study in USA?

A:  If they study or studied than applicant need to furnish the relevant record to support his answer.

Q: If they are studying then who is bearing their cost?

A: They are independent and they are also sponsoring our tour too

Q: What was the nature of visa when your son or daughter entered in USA?

A: Tell them the reality

Q: When your son or daughter is going to visit India again?

A: Applicant can say that they don’t have any plan right now to visit India

Q: Have you or any one on behalf of you filed the green card petition?

A: Tell them in yes or no

Question relating to travel and insurance policy

Q: Have you arranged the airline ticket?

A: Answer in yes or no

Q: Have you visited USA before?

A: Yes or no

Q: When the last time you went to USA how long you stay there?

A: Give them the exact duration

Q:  if you have already stayed in USA than did you extended the tour?

A: You can tell them if you had extended the tour

Q: when are you willing to travel?

A: applicant can say that in a week or in a month

Q: Why do you want to travel at that time?

A: You can tell them the reason like ceremony is coming or anniversary etc.

Q: Do you have return ticket?

A: Answer them in yes or no

Q: Have you arranged the medical insurance?

A: Applicant can say that once the visa is approved we will arrange the insurance

Q: Can u gives us the guarantee than you will come back after tour?

A: Applicant can tell them that they have business in India or they are employee and they get leave from their company

Q: Do you have any credit card?

A: Yes or no

Question relating to work

Q: What do you do to live in India?

A: Answer them if the applicant is businessman or working or retired

Q: If the applicant is a businessman than who is going to look after the business in his absence?

A: My brother or partner will handle the business in my leave

Q: If you are a businessman than can u give me your visiting card?

A: You have to show them your visiting card if you are a businessman and if you don’t have than you have to answer accordingly

Q: If you are employee than how will you get leave for 6 months?

A: The answer can be that I have accumulated my leaves for couple of years and for this you have to present the leave approval letter

Q: When are you going to retire or retired?

A: Answer them correctly

Q: How much pension you are receiving?

A: Tell them correct amount with proof

Q: What is your annual income?

A: Answer them accordingly

Q: Do you have plans to work in USA?

A: No, I have no such plan

Q: Do you have any plan to do business in USA?

A: No I can only to visit pleasant places

Q: What are your plan after coming back?

A: Answer accordingly

Other minor question Which Can Be Asked In Visitor Visa Interview

Q: Do you have national tax number?

A:  Yes or no

Q: Do you pay tax on your income?

A: Yes or no

Q: Do you have any criminal record?

A: Answer them truthfully

Q: Who will take care of your house when you will be on your tour?

A: Answer accordingly

Important Tips :

  1. Applicant has to give exact information which he has already given on his form DS-160
  2. Do not give extra detail or information unless they ask you
  3. Always have some documentary proof along with you
  4. Always state truth

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