How To Get Lawyer License Of Punjab Bar Council In Pakistan [Updated]

Lawyer License

Everybody know how to become a lawyer in Pakistan. But once new law graduates came out from the universities they seems confused as to how to get a lawyer license from Punjab bar council. Another confusion of young lawyers is  about joining senior advocate. For that i have also made a post on this particular issue so do read it here.

In this guide, i will tell you how to get a lawyer license. It is a procedure which you have to follow in order to get the license. It contains two major stages and some other little steps. The PBC has also started online advocate registration system. You can also read about Punjab bar council online intimation system.

First Intimation

After completing the LLB degree from the universities. The very first thing which you have to do is to send the first intimation to the concerned Bar Council. For example, if you are in Punjab than this intimation is sent to the Punjab Bar Council. In case of Sindh then Sindh Bar council and so on.

Punjab bar council intimation form is a prescribed form which can easily be obtained from the concerned district bar council. Provide all the relevant information in this form and pay the prescribed fee which is Rs 1500 if your age is under 25 years, this fee increases when your age increases.

This fee is to be paid via certain challan form which can be obtained from district bar councils or from members of the Punjab bar council or from the concerned bank. As for Punjab bar council they receive all fees via Habib Bank Ltd.

Attach all your academic record with Punjab bar council intimation form which includes your matriculation, intermediate, bachelor certificates and transcript mark sheet of your LLB. Along with them attach photos with white background. And send all these documents via registered post or through the member of the Punjab bar.

When you are finished sending the post. Then make a contact with the member of the Punjab bar or information department of the Punjab bar council to obtain your diary number. This diary number is very important for future correspondence.

Pass The Test In Order To Enroll In The Bar

After completing the first intimation stage to get lawyer license. Your district bar on behalf of Punjab bar or Sindh or Baluchistan bar will conduct a written test of also known as lawyers entry test or LAW-GAT. It is conducted to check your knowledge in the field of law.

The intimation test for lawyers is comprised of 100 or sometime 50 marks, 75% comprises on multiple type question and 25% comprises on essay writing. District bar will announce the schedule appear in it and pass this test. If you want past Punjab bar council intimation test paper on lawyer entry test you can click here Law_Sample_Paper.

Second Intimation

The period of apprenticeship starts from the date of the first intimation. This period lasts for 6 months. When you know that your 6 month period is about to complete send your second intimation to the Punjab Bar Council. But before you have to give lawyers test and if you have passed it then attach the copy of Punjab bar council intimation result.

This second intimation is the last stage to get the lawyer license. It consists of various forms and you should be very careful while filing these forms.

Age Limit for Getting Lawyer License From Punjab Bar Council

In the form of the first intimation a list has been provided. This list shows the age limit and the Punjab bar council intimation fee which will be paid accordingly in order to get lawyer license. This list is also given as under for the benefit of new-coming lawyers:

  1. Up to the age of 21 to 25 years Punjab bar council intimation Fee Rs.18650
  2. Age from 25 to 30 years Fee Rs.24850
  3. Age from 30 to 35 years Fee Rs.29850
  4. Age from 35 to 40 years Fee Rs. 19650 without fee of Benevolent fund which can be around Rs. 35000
  5. Age from 40 to 50 years Fee Rs. 28650
  6. Age from 50 to 60 years Fee Rs.85650
  7. Age from 60 and above Fee Rs.157650

Punjab Bar Council License Fee

As already explained the Punjab bar council license fee depends on the age of candidate. If the age is between 21 years to 25 years the lawyer license fee will be Rs18650. On the other hand if age is 60 years the Punjab bar council license fee will be 157650.

The Chart of Punjab Bar Council Intimation Fee

  1. Up to the age of 21 to 25 years Fee Rs.18650
  2. Age from 25 to 30 years Fee Rs.24850
  3. Age from 30 to 35 years Fee Rs.29850
  4. Age from 35 to 40 years Fee Rs. 19650 without fee of Benevolent fund which can be around Rs. 35000
  5. Age from 40 to 50 years Fee Rs. 28650
  6. Age from 50 to 60 years Fee Rs.85650
  7. Age from 60 and above Fee Rs.157650

Application For Enrollment

lawyer license

lawyer license

Above captioned images are of Form A which is basically an application for enrollment. Fill this form also pay the prescribed fee according to your age. Now this time you need 7 challan forms from the bank or from member bar council.

Application For Registration As Contributor To The Punjab Advocate Benevolent Fund

Along with this From A. You need to get a form of Application for registration as contributor to the Punjab advocate benevolent fund. It looks like this

lawyer license

Certificate of Training

Then there is Form B Which is a certificate of training. This form is filled by the senior advocate under which you complete your apprenticeship. This certificate is given by the advocate who has a practice of at least 10 years. This form is as under

lawyer license

Application For The Issuance Of Identity Card

Then there is a form for the application for the issuance of identity card of the advocate.

lawyer license


In the process of getting lawyer license you have to give undertaking. That you will become a member of the local bar council within period of 6 months

lawyer license

Certificates From Advocates

Now you need certificates from two senior advocates. They will certify that you have a good moral character.

lawyer license


Then you have to give an affidavit deposing that you have no criminal record and have no other business. This affidavit should be attested by the notary public. The minimum value of this affidavit must be 20 rupees.

lawyer license

List of 20 Cases Is  Provided To Get Lawyer License

You are also required to provide the list of 20 cases. In which you participated during your apprenticeship of 6 months under the senior advocate.

Along with all these forms submit the prescribed fee according to your age.

Attach your attested academic record. But this time you should also attach the Punjab bar council intimation result of first intimation. Which was held under the bar council and also provide a copy of LLB degree. In the absence of degree attach original provisional certificate(in case).

Now compile these documents and send it again to the bar council through post or through member bar council.

Scrutiny By The Bar Council

All your documents will be checked by the Punjab bar council. If everything is in order than your complete file will again sent to the member bar council in your district.

Two examiners who are also the member of the Punjab bar will take your interview. They will ask questions about your 6-month apprenticeship. If you passed your interview, then examiner will again sent your file to the Punjab bar councils.

lawyer license

Now your whole procedure is now complete wait for about one week. Your lawyer license will come to the member Punjab bar council.

Go and get that lawyer license now you are an advocate……… Congratulations.

If You want to read about PBC online intimation service then read this post.

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76 Responses

  1. Imran Abbas Minhas says:

    That’s great man

  2. Sardar saleem says:

    Very informative and detailed guard lines
    Thank you for providing such valuable information.

  3. Rohail Butt says:

    Rawalpindi ya punjab ka license ho to insan Islamabad mein practice kar sakta ha? Ya uske liye Islamabad ka e license hona zaruri ha?

  4. Paras says:

    Thank you so much sir it was very informative.. And could you please tell me that how can we join a senior advocate for practice after doing LLB..???

  5. Farzana says:

    Agr bad Mai Kisi ka koi criminal record jo licence issue ya affidavit sy phly ka nikal ata hai to Kya us ka license cansell ho skta hai.

    • M. Mateen says:

      Legal practitioners and bar act says that not only his license will be cancelled but a criminal proceeding will also be initiated against that person who had criminal record but concealed that fact.
      But Bar associations do not act in that way. They need Vote so they will just ignore and they might provide you shelter.

  6. Raja Bilal says:

    Asslamualikum my age is 27 and am practising in Rawalpindi bar i want to aply for mu first intimation how much fee i have to pay please guide me

  7. Zulfiqar Ali says:

    Dear Mateen. A nice information shared…. Stay blessed. Regards

  8. nice information mateen dear,,,,,,,,,,,,,thnx

  9. Zia says:

    Mateen sahib! I have a Question that is about my particular case. I have done my LL.B degree in 2013 and sent all of my papers to PBC and passed the Bar exams and i was attached with SC lawyer but in the same time i moved to Toronto canada and passed my LL.M degree from university of Toronto and now doing Bar at Law exams.
    After passing my Bar at law , i intend to come back to pakistan and apply for licensing. What are the requirements and waiver for Barrister and foreign LL.M holders in licensing . My international Bar membership will be considered because pakistan is member of international Bar. I want to convert my membership .what are the rules regarding this conversion.

    • M. Mateen says:

      Sorry for the late reply. As far as i know, i can say that once a person gets his LLM degree you can start your law practice at high court. That mean the PBC will give you a direct licence of high court. But Bar at law is something else, i do not know much about it.
      But you have already got your LLM degree so if it a degree from university approved by the PBC it be easy for you to get license.
      For more information it is best that you visit PBC site and see the qualification. Link is also below

  10. Zia Ahmed says:

    Please reply above my question.

  11. Zia says:

    Please reply above my question.

  12. Rana Umar says:

    Sir presently I have come to know that intimation form have been made online after passing the finall year of llb . Is it correct sir ?

    • M. Mateen says:

      Yes the Punjab bar council have started online intimation service. You have to log in fill all the relevant information than print it. Attach required document and send it to PBC office, Lahore.

  13. Salman ali says:

    Provisional result card pe intimation k liye apply ho skta

  14. Muhammad Iqbal Kaseer says:

    Is this all process complete with in 6months

  15. Adil Farooq says:

    Sir g main ne recently llb ka exam pass kya hi
    Please ap guide krein k main first intimation test klye kya kron

    • M. Mateen says:

      First you should send online intimation and then join senior lawyer…. At the same time thoroughly read all books which you already studied during course of LLB…….Beside this test is not a big deal even a dumb and deaf person can easily pass it.

  16. Syed says:

    AOA sir agar aik advocate k pass Azad jammu and kashmir bar council ka licence ho aur wo Lahore bar main practice karna chahta ho us k liay wo lahore bar ya punjab bar ka licence kasay jari karwa sakta hai……… AJK bar council ka licence mansookh karwanay k baghair. as a non voter member.

    • M. Mateen says:

      as a non voter you can become a member of any bar council…… the process is same but you should consul the concerned persons in Punjab bar council……

  17. Naeem khalid says:

    Sir yeh bta dain keh ager aik bhai already adv ho tu dosra bahi jeb license bnay ga tu fee main kuch concession ho gi.. main nay suna hay kuch hoti hay… ager hoti hay tu kia procedure hay aur kitni hoti hay…

  18. Muhammed says:

    if someone has a LLM but not a LLB, can he still become member of Punjab bar council?

  19. Muhammed says:

    can you practise law with a LLM degree? Is it necessary to have a LLB degree to practise? To become member of Bar council is it okay to just have a LLm degree only?

  20. Muhammad abdullah says:

    Sir i have pass the llb from peashawar universty recently now i have applling for advocate for punjab bar council?

  21. Muhammad Abbas says:

    Sir mene recently LLB Fuuast kci se Kya Hy, or me license Rwp se lene chahta hn , Kya ye Fsd me applicable hoga?

    • M. Mateen says:

      Fsd means? If you get license from punjab bar council it’s applicable in a provinces including federal but at district level court only. and when you get high court license it’s applicable in all provinces at high court level including district.

  22. Ramsha Khalid Malik says:

    Sir I need some information related to the license Sir do we have to submit our A level and O level Equalience or we just have to submit our results of A level and O level. Second question is that is it compulsory for an A level student to have 3 subjects or 2 subjects in A level are sufficient. Thirdly I am unable to register online via the Punjab bar Council website.

  23. Naima Arif says:

    Hello sir,
    I have done my LLB from Uk and now doing lpc. But as you know after LPC I have to complete my 2 years training contract. I want to save my time and for that I want to do QLTS. To be eligible for QLTS I have to have a license from Pakistan. What is the process for that as I am currently in uk.

  24. Naima Arif says:

    LPC is legal practice course and needs 2 years training contract after completion of this. As QLTS means qualified lawyers transfers scheme. I am studying in university of Law in london

  25. Ismail khan says:

    My age is 34 years i have MBA degree have a job in company but not satisfied i want to get Admission in LLB have any chance to make a career as a lawyer.

  26. Chaudhary Hamayun Mumtaz says:

    Aslam.o.Alikum sir please tell me about first date of intimation. When we joined senior our first intimation date start on that date (period of six months started from the joining of seniors or ……….?)

  27. Chaudhary Hamayun Mumtaz says:

    Aslam.o.Alikum sir plz tell me I have passed l.l.b and first intimation I have joined senior on 14.4.2018 but I sent first intimation on 06.05.2018 in which date i can apply for license

  28. SHAZIA HUMAYUN says:

    Vedy informative article. Thankyou for your hard work.

  29. Haroon Khan says:

    In UK or Europe or USA, we can do LLM without LLB, so a UK LLM can practise as Advocate high court directly , even if there is no LLB?

    • M. Mateen says:

      you are right but that’s not same in pakistan you must have valid LLB degree to do LLLM. But if someone have LLM degree from abroad then he can enroll as an advocate high court.

  30. Ahmed says:

    Intimation validity period after passing it.

  31. M. Iftikhar ahmed says:

    Sir intimation test pass hony k bad punjab bar main lcience k liay apply kia jye to kitna time period lagy ga

  32. Nadir Ali khan says:

    Can an advocate fight case throughout pakistan..?
    If yes then in which license should be…?

    • M. Mateen says:

      Those advocate who have license to appear in district court can appear in any district court of Pakistan but not high court and SC. Those who have license of high court can appear in any high court through out Pakistan including districts. And those who have SC license can appear in any court of Pakistan.

  33. mati kakar says:

    Aslam o alikum my dear sir
    sir mayra date of Barth 4/2/1992 hey
    sir mayra NIC or school sertificates may b aik jesa a
    sir may apna age ko 2sal ya 3 sal kam karna chata un sir kes tarah kam hosakta a ap method bataey plzzz sir

    • M. Mateen says:

      Walikum u Salam.
      Ap apna date of birth theek karwa sakty hyn lekinis liye ap ko Civil court me case file karna pary ga. Jis ki waja say ap ko wakeel ki zarurat pary gi. Behtar ho ga k ap pehly is number par rabta karain aur apny case kay mutaliq batain.
      Malik Awais Alam ADV
      Shukria ap ka k ap nay hamari website visit ki.

  34. qaisar abbas says:

    hello naima have you completed QLTS or still under process. i am from pakistan . is it possible for you to share its details e.g the study material etc

    Qaisar abbas
    [email protected]
    whatsapp: 003218894535

  35. Muhammad Saqlain says:

    Salaam Sir. LLB 3 years best ha ya 5 years or llb complete krny k baad agr sindh District bar Council se licence mil jaye to punjab k kisi District mn practice allow ha?

  36. Faisal baaeer says:

    Assalam o Alikum…
    I want to information about gap between first intimation and second intimation . .How l can make affidavit .. Please what can I write in it…..

  37. Fahad says:

    Sir mere 6 months 28th may 2019 ko pooray ho re hain first intimation k..maine documents Punjab bar k lahore walay daftar mey jama karwaye thay…ab main rawalpindi shift ho gya hun kia meri second intimation rawalpindi mey ho skti ha? my senior is practising in islamabad magar un ka punjab bar ka licence ha aur wo supreme court k bhi wakeel hain

  38. Kh says:

    Respected sir
    Mai aik government servent ho aur LLB Mai admission li hai ab sawal yi hai ki LLB complete karni ki baad government servent ko licence nahi Diya jata es ka koi Tariq hai ya LLB chord do

  39. Yasir says:

    Salam sir igar Italy sa llb kia ho tu kia hum pakistan main prectice kar sakte hain or punjab bar Council ki member ship mil sakti ha

  40. Madiha Imtiaz says:

    AOA Sir, i got my licence of Punjab Bar Council last week but i shifted to Islamabad few days ago. I want to practice in Islamabad District Courts now..on licence its written that “…she is entitled to appear act and plead as an Advocate till 31st December 2019 before any Court or Tribunal in this Province except the High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan.”

    Sir, according to this, can i continue my practice in Islamabad or is it only restricted to Punjab? can i plead and appear in Islamabad district courts? sir pl clarify as some people saying tht i can only practice in punjab courts while some saying islamabad wont say anything. its very confusing…Thank you & JazakAllah

    • M. Mateen says:

      dear you practice in any district court of Pakistan be it islamabad district or sindg baluchistan or kpk district court. The only restriction is that you cannot appear in high or supreme court.

  41. Qamar says:

    Previous 6 years, in rawalpindi city, I tried to take an examination in llb Part1. I tried and deposited huge amount of fee’s ( least 2 law colleges ) but I failed to get any role number slip, etc.can any body help?

  42. Irtaza Naqvi says:

    Mr. Mateen, If a person passed his LLM from local university but didn’t get License after his LLB so can he get High court license directly or he should pass LAW-GAT before the Licence?
    Thanks in advance.

  43. Yasir says:

    Licence To Govt.Empolyee?
    Many of Them have got licence of advocacey and performing their govt jobs as well.
    What you say about this?

  44. khalid adv says:

    i have sent first intimation 5 months ago & not acquire diary nmber how can i get now???2 nd questin ::::i have sent intimation 5 months ago & i have apprenticeship 1 month ago which is mentioned in document (file) now can i get license now??????

  45. Adeel says:

    Salaam sir
    I have an query. That after passing LLM from Pakistan is LAW QAT is compulsory? Or we can get direct license from bars. Waiting for your reply. Thanks 😊

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