Advice For Joining A Senior Advocate For Practice After LLB?

Recently someone asked me about the advice of joining senior advocate for practice after LLB. Well, no doubt this question is very important for that person who has completed his LLB. So, i thought to write this post for those new lawyers who want to start practice after LLB.

When a student enrolled in LLB program, he has this first thought for his future to become a great lawyer. That is the reason, he works harder get good marks and after passing final exam, a very crucial moment comes.

That is the moment to join a good prominent lawyer for practice. But, a valid question pop up in mind is how to find a good senior lawyer?

Generally, there are two class of people according to me who start practice. One who belongs to legal background and by that i mean they have relative in law field. Some times as a judge, lawyer, public prosecutor, or relative as a staff in court.

Second type of people are those who are totally new with this field, they are the people who faces most problem. After completing LLB degree, no body is there for them to guide in this legal profession.

Here are some tips for newcomers  who are about to complete their degree and want to start practice after LLB.

Gather Information By Going Court Or Bar Association

New lawyers must visit court, hear proceeding, see how senior advocate presents their case and try to learn their names. Secondly, they should also visit bar counsels and by engaging lawyers in conversation try to inquire about lawyers with good reputation.

This simple Method will surely help them to find and make a better decision.

Get Advice From Relatives, Friends Who Know Lawyer

Almost, in every family there is one lawyer and it is a good thing for new lawyers because they can ask for advice from them. As these lawyers have more insight about good lawyers so they can give you rock solid suggestion.

Prefer A Law Firm than Joining Individual Senior Advocate

It is my personal experience which i am going to share with you. That is right after getting your lawyer license which of course i have explained how to get it must join law firm. Why i insist on that point is because law firms have more challenging environment, more opportunities to learn.

On the other hand individual senior lawyers usually do not give any task to new lawyers. In result they waste most of your time because that was the time when you need to learn more.

Attributes Of A Good Lawyer For Joining For Practice After LLB

These are the chief attributes which senior advocate should have.

  1. Honesty
  2. Tempted personality
  3. Have a better legal wisdom
  4. 10 to 15 years of Practice is good
  5. Must not involves himself in Bar Politics

In the end i will say that hard work is essential for good lawyer but mostly it is your luck which makes you good lawyer.

So, best of luck for you future.


  1. Qualified L.L.B in1193 from S M LAW college Karachi and now want to register myself in order to obtain license

  2. Salam
    You have a best thought about young lawyers. I want to join law firm just because seek of knowledge and be good practicing lawyer. I think you will give me good advice. Thankyou

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