Format of Divorce Papers in Pakistan

Format of Divorce papers in Pakistan

In the Muslim family law, the Law of Divorce/ Dissolution of Marriage is explained. This law authorizes husband to Divorce his wife without intervention of Judge. At the same time there is a certain format of divorce papers in Pakistan which should be followed strictly.

There are different kind which a husband can adopt to pronounce divorce But the format of divorce papers is same in all cases. In certain cases, husband can repudiate divorce and bring back his wife. Whereas in other cases once divorce is pronounced, it absolutely incapacitates husband to make reconciliation and rejoin wife.

What is Divorce?

Divorce is repudiation of marriage by the husband and no special form and procedure under shariah is necessary for executing the divorce. But it’s the Pakistan’s law which makes it obligatory on husband to properly follow format of divorce papers.

Relevant Divorce Case Law

If you want to know the procedure of divorce in Pakistan & under Islam you can consult these landmark case laws.

PLD 1982 Lah 825

PLD 1989 Kar 513

Types of Divorce law Under Islam

The types of divorce depends upon the nature of repudiation made at one time. But here we will explain two major kinds which renders husband to again rejoin wife. There are two modes of repudiation of marriage by husband/Divorce law

Bain Divorce

Husband may pronounce Bain Divorce whereby husband finally and permanently dissolves the marriage. Such kind of divorce becomes effective immediately after pronouncement.

After pronouncing Bain Divorce the matrimonial bond between the spouses is annulled and they are separated immediately. The wife having been divorced by the husband becomes profoundly dis entitled to seek and claim any maintenance from husband.

Bain Divorce signify absolute irreversible, pronouncement of divorce by the husband.

Rijaat Divorce

The second kind of divorce is called Rijaat, if husband pronounces this kind of divorce it is his own will and prerogative to reverse such divorce by bringing back his divorced wife. That kind of divorce may be repudiated before the expiry of 90 days period after its pronouncement and in case of expiry of period of three months from the date of its pronouncement Rijjat Divorce also becomes as a Bain Divorce and matrimonial relationship between the spouses cease to exist and after the expiry of above referred period of time Rijjat Divorce becomes final and effective.

Procedure of Filing Divorce Papers in Pakistan

In Pakistan Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1971 was promulgated whereby a husband pronouncing Talaq (Divorce) is under obligation to notify his act of Talaq (Divorce) to Arbitration Counsel. The format of Divorce papers is strictly followed.

The Arbitration Counsel after receiving the notice/Divorce papers, completes certain formalities and eventually Divorce Certificate is issued. But notice to the Arbitration Counsel by the husband and other proceedings carried out by the Arbitration Counsel are at all not essential for the finalization of Divorce.

Format of Divorce Papers in Pakistan

Here is provided the format of divorce deed in Pakistan or divorce papers in Pakistan. You can use that format of divorce papers in Pakistan after making certain changes.

But you need to give these divorce notice on stamp paper and then it should be duly notified by notary public.

Divorce Deed Declaration

I, (Name of husband) son of (Husband’s father name) resident of (complete valid address) do hereby solemnly declare and pronounce Triplicate Tallaq, through this divorce deed. The contents of which are as under;

WHEREAS I married (Name of Wife) daughter of (Wife’s father name) resident of (complete address), on (Date of marriage) according to Muslim law and shariat and the Haq Maher was (mention amount of Mahar), which is paid at the time of Nikah. The Ruskhsati was not held at that time to still the time of Divorce Deed.

That during that period differences have cropped up between the parties and as a consequence it has become impossible for the two to live together as husband and wife within the limits prescribed by Allah Almighty. Therefore, there is no solution except to Divorce her through this divorce deed.

And whereas I have decided to Divorce (Wide’s name) daughter of (Father’s name) because there is no hope for reconciliation to live as a husband and wife.

Therefore, I hereby pronounce (Tallaq Salasa) and set (Wife name) daughter of (Wife’s father name) free from my wedlock, by revoking bond of marriage and henceforth, there shall be no concern whatsoever between me and her and she will be at liberty to contract marriage with any body of her choice according to Law and Shariat.

That the two parties shall not have any cause or claim upon each other after the implementation of this deed.

This Divorce papers is made, signed and delivered at Rawalpindi.


Witnesses                                                                                                            Executant;________________


1.___________________                                                                                    Hussband Name son of Father name

____________________                                                                                     N.I.C No. —————–




If you are married in Pakistan and want to get divorce then we hope that this format of divorce papers in  Pakistan will help you.

If you are facing court proceeding relating to divorce or family related. Then do tells us we have a professional lawyer panel to help you.

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8 Responses

  1. Zobia says:

    If after Tripple Tallaq pronouncement marrige dessolves immediately then why union council completes the formality of calling both parties each month for reconciliation? Should we follow religion or Law? Why this dispute between religion and Law where union council is bounded to follow just a formality to dissolve marrieges even if the spouse wants reconciliation? Why our nation is so confused in everything? I am desprate.
    B Regards

    • M. Mateen says:

      when tallaq is pronounced then it becomes effective after 90 days during that period there is possibility that may be husband or wife reconsider their act and reconcile. That is why union council as a arbitrator call both parties with in 90 days. There is no confusion between law and religion it’s just ignorance of layman people.

  2. Akbar says:

    If husband want to withdraw his first devorce and wife does not want to to with reconcile can husband unilaterally withdraw the first devorce?? What he shoul write to withdraw the devorce within 90 days?? Any transcript?? Pls help

  3. Saira says:

    Assalamualaikum sir mri divorce 17 April 2018 ko hui. Mray husband ny three divorce wala msg mri sari family k mobiles p including me send kya. Also he had given me a stamp paper of divorce (salasa) yani stamp paper p likha Hua three divorce. Us stamp paper p mry husband k sign b hain aur gavahon k b signatures hain. Kya is stamp paper waly divorce papers ko use kr k m second marriage kaheen aur kr skti?

    • M. Mateen says:

      ap ko chahiye k in papers ko uss union council me submit karwain jahan ap ki marriage hui thi. then union council ap ko divorce certificate issue kary gi. us ko use kar k ap dusri marriage kar sakti hyn

  4. Rania says:

    Sir mre husband mje divorce ki dhamki de rhe or mje apni family k kehne pe ghr se nikal dia… Nikah nama pe bagair wajah divorce ki sorat m kuch amount likhi hui.. To kia wo mjpe jhothe blam ki base pe mje divorce de sakty bager ksi restriction k??? Kindly guide me…

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