Sweet Creme Menu With Prices – Updated 2024

Here is a list of all available Sweet Creme items with latest prices.

If you are looking for sweet and delicious then look no further than Sweet Creme. It’s a favorite place for soft ice cream and treats at affordable rates. Whether you’re a fan of classic cones and cups, or you’re looking for Blizzard, Sundae, or shakes Sweet Creme has you covered.

Sweet Creme in Pakistan is not just about ice cream, though. They also offer a selection of hot beverages and Fundaes, perfect for when you’re looking for something a little different. And if you’re on the go, they have a convenient drive-through service and swift delivery options.

If you are looking for a complete Sweet Creme Menu along with the latest prices in 2024 then you are at the right place. Here we have provided a complete menu of Sweet Creme items. So go ahead and check the menu below.

Complete List of Sweet Creme Menu With Prices

Sweet Creme Best Sellers Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Lotus ShakeRs. 620
Oreo ShakeRs. 490
Lotus SundaeRs. 460
Snickers BlizzardRs. 520
Double Sauce Brownie With Vanilla BaseRs. 410
Brownie With Vanilla BaseRs. 370
Molten Lava With Vanilla BaseRs. 460
Super Pista Badam CupRs. 260
Super Nutty CupRs. 220
Super Oreo CupRs. 220
Super CupRs. 160
Nutella SundaeRs. 460

Sweet Creme Cup Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Super Pista Badam CupRs. 260
Super Nutty CupRs. 220
Super Oreo CupRs. 220
Super CupRs. 160
Super Brownie CupRs. 230
Super Cornetto CupRs. 220
Super Cookie CupRs. 240
Super Dip CupRs. 260
Super Caramel Biscotti CupRs. 240

Sweet Creme Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
CookieRs. 240
BrownieRs. 270
Molten Lava CakeRs. 360
Double Sauce Brownie With Vanilla BaseRs. 410
Brownie With Vanilla BaseRs. 370
Molten Lava With Vanilla BaseRs. 460
Cheesecake SliceRs. 490
Cheesecake With ToppingRs. 540
Cookie With Vanilla BaseRs. 360
Triple Fudge Brownie With Vanilla BaseRs. 440

Sweet Creme Sundae Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Peanut Butter SundaeRs. 420
Lotus SundaeRs. 460
Strawberry SundaeRs. 420
Blueberry SundaeRs. 420
Caramel SundaeRs. 420
Mango SundaeRs. 420
Coffee SundaeRs. 420
Vanilla SundaeRs. 420
Special Nutty SundaeRs. 420
Nutella SundaeRs. 460
Choco Fudge SundaeRs. 420

Sweet Creme Blizzard Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
KitKat Xtreme BlizzardRs. 560
Lotus Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 620
Snickers BlizzardRs. 520
Mint Oreo BlizzardRs. 520
Maple Walnut BlizzardRs. 520
Oreo BlizzardRs. 490
Mint Chocolate Chip BlizzardRs. 520
KitKat BlizzardRs. 520
Chocolate Xtreme BlizzardRs. 560
Coffee Xtreme BlizzardRs. 560
Cookie Xtreme BlizzardRs. 560
Bounty BlizzardRs. 520
Caramel Twix BlizzardRs. 520
Dairy Milk BlizzardRs. 520
Mango Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 560
Blueberry Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 560
Strawberry Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 560
Caramel Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 560
Caramel Biscotti BlizzardRs. 520
Toblerone BlizzardRs. 520
Nutty Peanut Butter BlizzardRs. 560
Cookie Dough BlizzardRs. 520
Mars BlizzardRs. 520

Sweet Creme Kids Cup Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Strawberry Top Kids CupRs. 240
Chocolate Top Kids CupRs. 240
Sprinkle Kids CupRs. 200
Mix Jelly Kids CupRs. 200
Bunty Kids CupRs. 200

Sweet Creme Loaded Sundaes Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Oreo Fudge SundaeRs. 460
Chocolate Cornetto Loaded SundaeRs. 460
Strawberry Cornetto Loaded SundaeRs. 460
Super Sonic Super Fudge Loaded SundaeRs. 490
Cookie Monster SundaeRs. 490
Brownie Explosion Loaded SundaeRs. 460

Sweet Creme Shakes Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Lotus ShakeRs. 620
Caramel Cheesecake ShakeRs. 560
Oreo ShakeRs. 490
Vanilla ShakeRs. 490
Chocolate ShakeRs. 490
Mint Oreo ShakeRs. 520
Choco Vanilla ShakeRs. 490
Chocolate Oreo ShakeRs. 490
Mint ShakeRs. 520
Mint Choco Chip ShakeRs. 520
Peanut Butter ShakeRs. 520
Choco Peanut Butter ShakeRs. 560
Caramel ShakeRs. 520
Strawberry ShakeRs. 520
Strawberry Cheesecake ShakeRs. 560
Strawberry Banana ShakeRs. 520
Blueberry ShakeRs. 520
Blueberry Cheesecake ShakeRs. 560
Mocha Fudge ShakeRs. 560
Chocolate Xtreme ShakeRs. 560
Java Break ShakeRs. 560
Lotus Cheesecake ShakeRs. 620
Nutella ShakeRs. 620
Caramel Biscotti ShakeRs. 560

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