Layers Bakery Menu Price In Islamabad – Latest 2024

A complete updates list of Layers items with prices.

Layers Bakery, a name synonymous with delectable desserts and soul-warming treats, has been captivating taste buds across Pakistan since its inception in Lahore in 2020. Driven by the philosophy of fostering connections through delightful pastries, Layers has carved a unique niche in the hearts of people, not just with its flavorful creations, but also with its commitment to striking the perfect balance between taste and emotion.

With the internet abuzz with terms like “Layers bakery near me,” “Layers cake price,” and “Layers menu,” it’s evident that the bakery’s fame has transcended physical locations. From trendy hashtags like #layersbakeshop and #layerscake to dedicated searches for “Layers bakery Lahore,” “Layers bakery Islamabad,” and even “Layers bakery Faisalabad,” the bakery’s reach extends far and wide.

But what exactly makes Layers Bakery so special? Is it the meticulously crafted cakes, like the indulgent Belgian Malt Cake or the crowd-favorite Lotus Cake? Or is it the rich and creamy brownies, the tempting cupcakes, or the decadent desserts that tantalize every palate? Perhaps it’s the warm and inviting ambiance of their stores, or the dedication to using only the finest ingredients.

Whatever the secret may be, one thing is certain: Layers Bakery has successfully woven itself into the fabric of Pakistani culture, becoming a go-to destination for celebrations, everyday indulgences, and moments of pure happiness. So, the next time you find yourself searching for “layers near me,” don’t hesitate to step into this haven of delectable delights and explore the layers of flavor that await.

Complete Layers Bakery Menu With Price in Islamabad

Here we have given a list of all bakery items that Layers is offering to it’s customers.

Layers Bakery Brownies Menu

Menu ItemsPrice (Rs.)
Chocolate Chunk Brownie
A gooey treat for the chocoholics!
Nutella Brownie
Nutella frosting on a super moist brownie!
Mars Chocolate Brownie
Pure chocolate icing with imported caramel!
Belgian Malt Brownie
Imported chocolate frosting on a soft brownie!
Cadbury Brownie
Cadbury chocolate frosting on a super moist brownie!
Hershey’s Fudge Brownie
Scrumptious brownie made with imported cocoa and lots of Hershey’s
Peanut Butter Stack Brownie
Light milk chocolate, Buttery caramel & chocolate brownie with a peanut butter crunch!

Layers Bakery Cakes Menu

Menu Items (All Cakes are 2.5 LBS)Price (Rs)
Lotus Three Milk Cake
Lotus biscoff spread on top with cream cheese and a fluffy vanilla milky sponge with lotus crumbs on sides
Lotus Cake
Lotus biscoff spread with cream cheese on a fliffy vanilla sponge and crushed lotus biscuits on top
Belgian Malt Cake
Made from purest belgian chocolate!
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Made from 100% ferrero hazelnut chocolate & roasted nuts with ferrero rochers on the top!
Ferrero Classic Cake
Made from 100% ferrero hazelnut chocolate & roasted nuts!
Nutella Cake
Made from 100% nutella & imported cream!
Red Velvet Cake
Creme cheese frosting on velvety soft red sponge.
Salted Caramel Cake
Salted caramel, Crème cheese and moist vanilla sponge!
Raffaello Cake
Super moist vanilla sponge with loads of raffaello & white chocolate!
Kit Kat Cake
Our best creamy milk chocolate with crunchy KitKat frosting on a velvety soft vanilla cake sponge.
Chocolate Heaven Cake
Light chocolate icing & double layer of soft chocolate sponge!
Malteser Cake
Made from premium belgian chocolate & maltesers!
German Fudge Cake
Authentic fudge so light that it melts in your mouth!
Chocolate Mousse Cake
The lightest chocolate cake in town!
Coffee Cake
Light crème cheese icing with a ‘sweet sense of coffee’!
Dairy Milk Cake
Nothing but light dairy milk chocolate till the last bite!
Galaxy Chocolate Cake
Swirls of galaxy on the outside & smooth galaxy chocolate inside!
Three Milk Cake
Vanilla sponge cake in three kind of milk; Whole milk, Evaporated milk and Condensed milk!
Milky Malt Cake
Imported malt blended with premium cocoa & fresh cream!
Honey Cake
7 layers of soft, Caramelized honey cakes sandwiched between a cloud like burnt honey & Dulce De Leche whipped cream!

Layers Bakery Cookies Menu

Menu ItemsPrice (Rs)
Lotus Cookie
Dough made with 100% pure butter & the finest imported cookie spread
Triple Chocolate Cookie
Finest Belgian milk dark & white chocolate chunks thrown into a cookie dough which is made of pure butter
Nutella Filled Cookie
Authentic soft & gooey cookie with 100% imported chocolate chunks!
Red Velvet Cookie
Oreo cookies with crème cheese on chocolate base!

Layers Bakery Cupcakes Menu

Menu ItemsPrice (Rs)
Ferrero Rocher Cupcake
Lots & lots of hazelnut chocolate!
Red Velvet Cupcake
Crème cheese, Red velvety sponge & lots of love!
Belgian Malt Cupcake
Made from premium belgian chocolate!
Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake
Milk chocolate with hazelnut chocolate drippings!
Classic Chocolate Cupcake
Milk chocolate crème & lots of love!
Original Malt Cupcake
Malt mixed with crème cheese, Light & lovely!
M&M Cupcake
Crème milk chocolate with M&M’s crushed inside!
Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake
Ideal mixture of chocolate & crème!
Swiss Dark Chocolate Cupcake
Dark crème swiss chocolate frosting!
Salted Caramel Cupcake
Salted caramel, Crème cheese & moist vanilla sponge!
After 8 Mint Cupcake
Belgian chocolate with a ‘Hint of Mint’!
Milk Chocolate Cupcake
Nothing but soft & classic milk chocolate!
Nutella Cupcake
Made with pure 100% Nutella chocolate.
Matcha Cupcake
Organic matcha blended in crème cheese with a pinch of imported dark chocolate on top!
Cotton Candy Cupcake
Fluffy rainbow cotton candy flavored swirl on a moist vanilla cupcake
Keylime Cupcake
Artistically made using imported cream cheese & lotus biscoff spread on soft vanilla sponge!
Lotus Biscoff Cupcake
Artistically made using imported cream cheese & lotus biscoff spread on soft vanilla sponge!
Oreo Cookie Cupcake
Artistically made using imported cream cheese & lotus biscoff spread on soft vanilla sponge!
Raffaello Cupcake
Artistically made using imported cream cheese & lotus biscoff spread on soft vanilla sponge!
Strawberry Cupcake
Rich strawberry cream cheese icing on a moist vanilla sponge
Lite Coffee Cupcake
Crème cheese frosting with a ‘Hint of Coffee’!

Layers Bakery Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice (Rs)
Strawberry Cheese Cake
Strawberry compote cheese cake with whipped cream at the top and premium butter biscuit at the bottom!
Raspberry Cheese Cake
Raspberry compote cheese cake with whipped cream at the top and premium butter biscuit at the bottom!
Walnut Cup Pie
Crunchy cookie crust with a filling of walnut, Cinnamon & Maple syrup!
Apple Cup Pie
Crunchy cookie crust with a filling of Apple, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Lemon juice!
Belgian Chocolate Cup Tart
Made from 100% authentic belgian chocolate!
Crème Brulee
Baked french custard sweetened with honey!
Lotus Cheese Cake
Speculoos spread on top of baked NYC style cheese cake with another layer over the crust
Mango Cheese Cake
Mango Compote Cheese Cake with whipped cream at the top & premium butter biscuit at the bottom.
Chocolate Muffin
Soft chocolate muffin with imported chocolate chunks!
Banana Walnut Muffin
Vanilla muffin with chunks of walnuts, Chocolate & a ‘Hint of Banana’!

Layers Bakery Sundae Menu

Menu ItemsPrice (Rs)
Red Velvet Sundae
Tangy crème cheese with biscuits, Red velvet brownie!
Three Milk Sundae
Moist sponge soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk & whole milk having smooth chocolate between the layers!
Nutella Sundae
Roasted nuts, Super moist brownie, Crème cheese & Lots of Nutella!
Galaxy Sundae
Oreo fudge brownie, Crème cheese, Short bread biscuits & Galaxy chocolate!
Salted Caramel Sundae
Caramel with rock salt topped over brownie, Crème cheese, Short bread biscuits & Rich chocolate!
Lotus Sundae
Caramel with rock salt topped over brownie, Crème cheese, Short bread biscuits & Rich chocolate!
Lotus Three Milk Sundae
Made with 100% belgian speculoos spread with a layer of super moist tres leches and a blended rich chocolate over crushed cookie in the center.
Pistachio Tres Leches Sundae
Pistachio Tres Leches: Premium pistachio spread over layers of tres leches and a hint of Belgian chocolate in the bottom.

All Layers Bakery Locations in Pakistan

FaisalabadCivil Lines, 21/7 Bilal road, Civil lines, Faisalabad Faisalabad ,Pakistan
FaisalabadKohinoor City, 117-A, Main Boulevard Kohinoor City, Faisalabad Main Boulevard Kohinoor City Faisalabad Punjab,Pakistan – 37000
GujranwalaMall of Gujranwala, Unit G1, Block-A, Ground floor Mall of Gujranwala, Qazi Town, Gujranwala Gujranwala ,Pakistan
GujranwalaPrisma Mall, Shop No. 04, Prisma Mall, GT Road Gujranwala Gujranwala ,Pakistan – 50250
IslamabadBeverly Centre, Shop.59, Beverly Centre, Ground Floor, Blue Area Jinnah Avenue Islamabad Islamabad Capital Territory,Pakistan
IslamabadD12 Markaz, Plot No.2, Unit 3, Ground Floor, D-2 Plaza, D 12 Markaz, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan D-12 Markaz Islamabad Punjab,Pakistan – 44210
IslamabadDHA 2, Shop No 1-A Ground floor, Central Park, DHA-2 Islamabad Islamabad ,Pakistan – 04403
IslamabadF-10 Markaz, Shop No. 06, Plot No 1-U Salma Plaza, Sumbal Rd, F-10 Markaz Islamabad, 04412, Pakistan Sumbal Rd Islamabad Punjab,Pakistan – 54000
Islamabadi-8 Markaz, I-8 Markaz I-8 Markaz Islamabad ,Pakistan – 44790
LahoreAllama Iqbal Town, Service Rd, Hunza Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000 Service Road Lahore Punjab,Pakistan – 54000
LahoreBahria Town, Sector C Commercial Area Sector C Bahria Town, Lahore, Punjab Bahria Town Lahore Punjab,Pakistan – 74800
LahoreDHA Phase 5, Plaza 80 Street 6 Lahore Punjab,Pakistan
LahoreDHA Phase 6, 139, Sector J DHA Phase 6 Lahore Punjab,Pakistan – 54792
LahoreDHA Y Block, Shop 12, Block-Y, Phase 3C, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan DHA Phase 3 Lahore Punjab,Pakistan
LahoreGirja Chowk Cantt, 11 Bagh Ali Rd Falcon Complex Lahore Punjab,Pakistan – 54870
LahoreGulberg 4, Shop No 3 ground floor 60 C/3 Chaudhry, Zahoor Elahi Rd, Lahore, 54660, Pakistan Gulberg 4 Lahore Punjab,Pakistan – 54000
LahoreJohar Town, 18 G, Johar Town Johar Town Lahore Punjab,Pakistan – 54000
LahoreJohar Town R1 Block, F74G+PV7, Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town Lahore Punjab,Pakistan -54000
LahoreLake City, Plaza No. C43-25, Ground Floor, Canal Commercial Lake City Canal Commercial Lake City Lahore Punjab,Pakistan – 5400
LahoreMM Alam Road, Shop No 1, KD Plaza, Block B2 Block B2 Gulberg III, Lahore 100 MM Alam Rd Lahore Punjab,Pakistan
LahoreModel Town, Block G Model Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan Model Town Lahore Punjab,Pakistan
LahoreWapda Town, Wapda Town واپڈا ایوینیو Lahore Punjab,Pakistan – 54000
PeshawarUniversity Road, Shop # 1 Burjman center near KFC building University Road Peshawar Punjab,Pakistan – 54000
RawalpindiBahria Phase 4, 153-M, Civic Center Bahria Town, Phase 4 Islamabad Punjab,Pakistan – 54000
RawalpindiBahria Phase 7, Warraich Tower, 67a Bahria spring north, Phase 07 Bahria Town Bahria Town Phase 07 Rawalpindi Islamabad Capital Territory,Pakistan – 46000
RawalpindiSatellite Town GROUND FLOOR, COMMERCIAL PLAZA, D-689, Fifth Rd, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Rawalpindi ,Pakistan – 43600

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