National Assembly of Pakistan has passed Criminal Law Amendment Act 2016

Pakistan is facing electricity shortfall for the last 10 years. This issue becomes more serious when people temper with electricity meters. In order to prevent this problem national assembly of Pakistan has passed criminal law amendment act 2016.

This Criminal law amendment has caused the insertion of new section in Pakistan penal code and in Criminal procedure code. New chapter is inserted in Pakistan penal code.

With the amendment in Pakistan penal code the offense relating to electricity are trial able by court of session. Now  obstruction or tempering in transmission lines of electricity, abstraction or tempering with distribution of electricity power, interference or improper use or tempering with electricity meter by domestic consumer, tempering of electricity meter by industrial or commercial consumer, is an offense with the punishment of three years and with fine up to ten million rupees.

Recovery of damage sustained by the electricity related equipment will also be affected against those persons who violates sections 462H to 462M.

The offenses introduced by criminal law amendment act 2016 are non bailable and non compoundable. These are cognizable offenses with means police can can arrest the involved person without warrant. No warrant will be issued in first instance to arrest the concerned person.

The court can only take cognizance when a written complaint has been filed by the concerned person not below the grade 17. He must mentioned all the relevant particulars relating to the offense committed.

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