Most Famous Prisoners of World

Knowledge about Famous prisoners is very interesting for general people. People would love to know their story. Some of them are in prison for their violent and barbarous act which they committed, while other are convicted because the authorities of the world didn’t liked their ideas. Here is the list of most famous prisoners in the world who are still serving their sentences or had died in the past.

Al Capone

Famous His full name was Alphonse Gabriel Capone (1899–1947) the most famous gangster in American history. He was incarcerated at Alcatraz prison in San Fransisco. In 1934 he was sentenced by the jury for 11 years on the charge of heavy tax evasion. He spent two years in Atlanta prison but after that he was sent to Alcatraz. Where he cannot withstand the behavior of cellmates, hard routine and harassment. He got ill than in 1939 he was released to mental hospital where he lived for three years. He died in 1947. He was the man who controlled Chicago, press and earned 100 Millions US dollars.


Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Famous PrisonersBorn in 1963 exiled Russian businessman believes to be 14th richest person of Russia. In 2003 he was arrested than in 2005 he was charged with fraud, tax evasion and sentenced for 9 years. In 2013 he was released because President Vladimir Putin pardoned Khodorkovsky. Media hype was created during his trail because his sentencing was politically motivated. many considered that his trail lacks the requirements of due process. He was considered to be a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. Soon after release his left Russia and settle in Switzerland.

Nelson Mandela

Famous PrisonersHe was a revolutionist born in 1918 in South Africa. Fist he started non violent movement against racism but latter on in 1961 he lead sabotage campaign against government. In 1962 he was arrested for treason and conspiring against the state. He spent 27 years in prison. Later on he was released and selected as first black president of the South Africa.  He received Nobel Peace Prize. Even now Mandela is described as Father of Nation.


Martin Luther King Jr.

Famous PrisonersAn American minister revolutionist, anti discrimination activist, a Nobel peace prize winner, lead non violent civil disobedience resistance, born in 1929. The most famous figure in American history. He was arrested many times during his movement. In 1968  when he was attending an occasion of poor people campaign in Washington DC, he was assassinated. Martin Luther King Jr. day was established in his honor to be celebrated in 1986 as US federal holiday.


Vladimir Lenin

Famous PrisonersThe head of Russian government and than Soviet federation Lenin was born in 1870. In 1897 he was arrested and was exiled for there years. before that he spent 14 months lock up in solitary confinement. He came back from exile in 1917 and founded the party Bolshevik(communist party) and lead a revolution. He developed various political theories. He died in 1922 due to increasingly poor health.



Charles Manson

Famous PrisonersBorn in 1934 Charles Manson was a leader of a cult namely The Family. He along with his occult member killed around 35 people. Although he had not found on any crime scene each time murder is committed. But as the perpetrator he was sentenced for death in 1971. Later on his sentenced was turned in life imprisonment. He is still serving his sentenced in Corcoran State Prison in California.


O.J. Simpson

Famous Born in 1947 he was American football player having successful career. Later on after retirement he started his career as sportscaster and actor. In 1994 he was charged for murder of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and a friend, Ronald Goldman. He was acquitted from that charge from criminal court, but civil court held him liable for the murder. Again in 2007 he along with his friend committed robbery and in 2008 he as sentenced for 33 years prison. Currently he is serving his sentence in Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada.

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