Important Legal Latin Abbreviations

It is a fact that Latin is no more international language. Still, it has controlled the English law. This is the reason various legal terms and Latin abbreviations are still found in English law and its related commonwealth countries.  It is very important to understand these legal Latin abbreviations or Latin abbreviations. These Latin terms are as under:

Note: English grammatical structure may vary as this article explains Latin legal terms and expressions.

Important Legal Latin Abbreviations

  • LL.B – Legum Baccalaureus [Bachelor of Laws]
  • LL.M – Legum Magister [Master of Laws]
  • LL.D – Legum Doctor [Doctor of Laws]

The two L’s are often confused us to mean, but the actual abbreviation is based on the Latin words as shown above.

In Latin abbreviations, the plural form of a word is indicated by doubling the letter, for example, “ pp. is the Latin abbreviation for – pages”. Hence ‘LL.’ is short for Laws. Legum is the plural form of the Latin word lex, which means

List of Latin legal terms (A to Z)

  • Ead. – eadem – The same
  • Id. – Idem – The same
  • ibid. – ibidem – In the same place
  • i.a. – inter alia – Among other things
  • i.e. – id est – That is, / in other words
  • viz. – videlicet – Namely / that is to say
  • vs or v. – versus – Against
  • a quo – Previous
  • ab extra – From outside
  • ab initio – From the beginning
  • actus reus – Guilty act
  • ad hoc – For this
  • ad idem – To the same thing
  • ad valorem – According to value
  • affidavit – A formal statement of fact
  • Audi alteram partem – Hear the other side
  • bona fide – In good faith
  • bona vacantia – Ownerless goods
  • caveat emptor – Let the buyer beware
  • consensus ad idem – Agreement as to the subject or object of the contract.
  • cui bono – As a benefit to whom?
  • de facto – Concerning fact
  • doli incapax – Incapable of guilt
  • ejusdem generis – Of the same class
  • ex facie – On the face
  • ex officio – From the office
  • ex post facto law – A law that makes a past act illegal that was not illegal when it was done.
  • in-camera – In the chamber
  • in pari materia – In the same matter
  • locus standi – The right of a party to appear and be heard before a court.
  • male fide – Bad faith
  • mens rea – Guilty mind
  • Nemo dat quod non-habet – No one gives what he doesn’t have.
  • obiter dictum – A thing said in passing
  • pro bono Publico – For the public good
  • quid pro quo – This for That
  • ratio decidendi – Reason for the decision
  • res judicata – A matter that has been finally adjudicated, no further appeals or legal actions by the involved parties are now possible.
  • stare decisis – The obligation of a judge to stand by a prior precedent.
  • sui generis – Something that is unique amongst a group.
  • supra – Above
  • vis major – Act of God

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