Format of Legal Notice For Damages

Where any person causes loss or damages to your property, you can start civil litigation. That means you can bring a suit for damages in competent court of law. But before that you should always send a legal notice for damages to opposite party to inform him to repent on his ways and pay damages without involving court.

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Format of Legal Notice For Damages

A reliable sample draft of Legal Notice For Damages is provided below as an example.


  1. SMK

S/o MA

R/o _______ Kahuta.

  1. SM

S/o GK

R/o _______Rawalpindi.

  1. IG alias Goga


R/o _______ Kahuta


I have been instructed by my clients namely HUR son of MA Caste Sudhan r/o ______District Kotli, AJK to serve upon you with the following legal notice for damages:

  1. That my client was owner in possession of the plot vide registered sale deed No. ___ dated ____alongwith possession of the plot and also entered in the revenue record through mutation No. _____.
  2. That my client expended Rs. _____ upon the said plot and leveled it and on date ____ at __ am when he was digging the foundation of the said plot, you with common intention armed with deadly weapons attacked upon my client and threatened him for dire consequences and also claimed from him Rs. ____ as you shown yourself as owner of the said plot and also threatened the masons and labor which were working in the plot and due to your threat and harassment, they also ran away while leaving the construction material etc at the spot and you in presence of the witnesses stolen the construction material amounting to Rs. _____ on gun point and my client have no way but to knock the Police Station and submitted an written application on _____ but no action was taken due to your influence. Thereafter my client filed a suit for permanent injunction against you on _______ in the Court of _________, civil Jude, Kahuta in which my client claims declaration and permanent injunction and obtained status quo. Later on you also appeared in the Court through AB Advocate and recorded you statement through your counsel that you have no concern whatsoever with the suit land as such your above threat stolen of the property is fully proved being you have a gang of QABZA GROUP, therefore, my client reserves his rights to file a complaint against you in the competent court of law.
  3. That due to your illegal acts, my client suffered mental agony, torture and financial losses which were occurred due to only your illegal acts, hence my client through this legal notice for damages is demanding from you all of Rs. _____.

Through this legal notice for damages, you are directed to pay Rs. ______ to my client within 14 days of receipt of instant legal notice, otherwise, my client positively instructed me to initiate a suit for damages against you at the competent court of law at your risk and costs.


Advocate High Court



A copy of this legal notice for damages is retained in my office for further necessary action.

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