10 Strange Laws around The World Which Are Ridiculous But Actually Exists Even Today

Traveling is a good hobby especially around the world. So while traveling it will be a good idea to do some research on the local tradition and laws followed by that countries. On one hand it will make your holidays interested and one other hand you will come to know about the strange laws around the world which are ridiculous and still exists even today.

Here are these strange laws around the world.

In United States Atheist Are Banned From Holding Public Office

strange lawsSeven states of the United States (Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas,Maryland) the law prohibits those who do not believe in existence of God from being appointed as juror or city council member. This law can be found in the state constitution of these states.



Interracial Marriage Was Still Illegal In Alabama

strange lawsUntil 2000 interracial marriage was illegal in Alabama, But than through amendment 2 in Article 1V, Section 102 of the Alabama Constitution this restriction was abolished. Alabama was the last state in which this law was enforced.

Since 1986, US Authorities Have Had The Legal Right To Access Any 180-Day Old Email, Without A Warrant

strange lawsThe electronic communication privacy act was enacted in US in which power has been granted to federal to read email of 180 days old without warrant. This law was passed even when the people don’t even have e mails.

In 27 States In The US It Is Legal To Fire Someone From Employment For Being Gay

strange lawsUnbelievably there are 27 states in US that do not protect from employment discrimination meaning thereby is that a person can be fired from job if he is gay, bisexual or transgender. To counter this problem federal employment non-discrimination laws have been introduced, but they failed, in every Congress for the last twenty years.

Eating Any Food Item Is Prohibited On Church Steps In Italy

strange lawsIn Italy tourists or people usually for relaxing sits on steps of churches and start eating something, so it can cost you fine if you did that. Its also an offense to eat or drink near public buildings.

Feeding Pigeons Is An Offense

strange lawsIt is prohibited in the land of Golden Gate (San Francisco) to offer food to the pigeons. Because diseases spread through these and also they damage public property. Even the citizens are asked to give information to the police if anyone feeds the pigeons.


You Can Marry Young Girl

strange laws In Saudi Arabia there is no fixed age for the women to marry . You can marry even 6 years old girl.



Beware HIV Positive in Greece

strange lawsIn Greece strange but true, Police can arrest those person who are suspected of being HIV positives. Police also have the power to take them to the hospital and test them and if they found infected than their name will be published as HIV positive.


It Will Cost You If You Don’t Visits Your Parents

strange lawsChine Recently passed the law which bounds the children to visit their parents and if they don’t visit fine can be imposed on them. Children are also responsible for daily needs of their parents even spiritual needs. So you should visit your parents more oftenly.


Proxy Weeding Is Allowed in Montana

strange lawsIf you are living in Montana state of USA than strange laws is there which allows “Proxy Weeding”. It is a exception created for those person who are living somewhere far because of there duty specially those who are working for military. They can appoint their friend or family member to be their proxy groom or bride.


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