How To Get a License To Become Advocate High Court

advocate high court

Earlier in my post i described the procedure about  How To Get A Lawyer License From Punjab Bar Council In Pakistan. Now today i am going to explain the procedure for getting the license to become advocate high court. Obtaining the license of lower court is a condition precedent in order to get the license of high court. But this time you don’t  need to give lawyers entry test you gave while getting district court license. Another difference in the procedure of lower court license and high court license is that at this point there is no compulsion to send online intimation or something like it. It’s a straight forward procedure.

Section 27 of legal practitioner and bar council act 1973 explains persons qualified for admission as advocates of a High Court. This section says that a person is entitled to be enrolled as advocate high court if he has completed his practice for 2 years in subordinate court of Pakistan.

Procedure To Get The License Of Advocate High Court

After the completion of two years as an advocate of subordinate court in Pakistan a person becomes eligible to send application in high court. The process to send the application for admission as Advocate high court is quite simple. It starts as under:

Submit Application

An application in a prescribed form which is also provided in Punjab bar council website has to be filled. This application must be filled properly and answer all the questions.The form is also available by clicking on this link application_for_admission_advocate_high court.  The format of application is also given below for your guidance. Attach Three photographs in professional dress as well.

Four Challan forms are required for deposit the fee for advocate license. These challans are often available in the office of district bar authorities or they can be found in bank.

Tip for Renewal of lower court license

Here is a tip for those persons whose lower court license is expired and they don’t have time to renew it. Otherwise their high court license will be delayed.

When the maturity of high court license is due than you only have to pay the renewal fee which is Rs.580 now a day. And attach this slip with your main application of high court license. It will solve your problem and also saves time.

Affidavit Before Punjab Bar Council, Lahore

Advocate high court

Along with the application an affidavit is also filled before Punjab bar council that the applicant successfully completed two years of practice and he had never left the profession. This affidavit must attested by the notary public.

Application For Issuance Of Identity Card

Advocate high court

Another form which is attached is application for issuance of identity card. Fill only required portion. This form is  also attested by the president bar association with sign and stamp.

Fitness Certificate Of Two Lawyers

It is the requirement that while submitting application for advocate high court, fitness and character certificate shall be given. Two lawyers who must holder of high court license give these certificates on their stamp pad in under given format.

advocate high court

Personal Affidavit Of Applicant

Last but not least applicant also submits personal affidavit on Rs.50 stamp paper. In this affidavit applicant declares that he is not involved in any criminal proceeding nor he has committed any professional misconduct. This affidavit is a attested by notary public.

advocate high court

In the end attach all these form and copies of challan form along with the applicant’s CNIC. Send these document to Punjab Bar Council. It takes some time in process but in one or two weeks applicant license will be delivered at his home or address mentioned in application form.

Punjab Bar Council License Fee For The License Of Advocate High court

As I explained in my earlier post on lawyer license of lower court that license fee depends on age. The same principle does not apply in getting the license of advocate high court.

The fee for license is paid under four heads. These are;

  1. As General Fund Rs. 9000/- in Punjab Bar Council
  2. Enrollment Fee Rs. 335/-
  3. Pakistan Bar Council Enrollment Fee Rs. 165/-
  4. Lawyer Group Benefit Scheme Rs. 2000/-
  5. As PLJ Law Site Rs. 500/-

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23 Responses

  1. Maham says:

    Can u plz explain that if a person having punjab bar licence in april,2016 and got lahore bar membership in 2018 then, on which year he is eligible for high court licence?

    • M. Mateen says:

      The period of 2 years starts when you enroll in district bar association after getting license of district court. For Example, if you got license on 1.1.2016 and enrolled in district bar on 2.2.2016 your 2 years will complete on 2.2 2018. Then you will be eligible for high court license and for civil judge exam.
      Thanks For Comment.

  2. shama says:

    how much fee has to be paid for issuance certificte

  3. ALI RAZA AULAKH says:

    Kindly provide information regarding Qualification for Advocate of Supreme Court.with detail.
    Kind Regard:

  4. faryal says:

    after submission of 12000 rupees for punjab bar council how much fees paid for high court

  5. Fahad says:

    Can a person with not having LLB degree but having LLM degree can apply for bar license because in uk you can complete your LLM with GDL which is conversion course for non law students by doing GDL you can do your LLM

  6. Waqas Ghazi says:

    will there be an interview after the application is submitted?

  7. Nargis says:

    Kindly tell any renewal procedure of lahore high court bar licence .

  8. Huma says:

    Thx alot fr this information

  9. Muhammad says:

    Am getting my licens before 1 year high court licens but unfortunatly am missing my licens somewher ..i want to get again but i dont know what i can do ..i have lower court licens so pls tell me wher am trace it?

  10. Saalim Roshaan says:

    kya mein pakistan mein practice kr skta hun agar mein ne kisi european country se law kia ho?

  11. Maham Tariq says:

    Aslamalikum sir…can u plz guide me that fee for high court license is increased? Or is it same as prescribed above?

  12. Muhammad Jamal Haider says:

    How to get a license for practice in supreme court of Pakistan.

  13. Junaid Arshad says:

    Aslamalikum, Can a serving government employee become a BAR member ?

  14. Junaid Arshad says:

    And what about passing LLB. Is it also a prosecutable offense.

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