Everyone in his life faces a legal problem/dispute even at least once, and when that time comes one should know that how to get a good lawyer. A good lawyer is someone who will win a case for you even if your case is not that strong. Though the matter is related to Enforcement of right against someone or getting out of prison or is a financial matter or family matter in each situation you need a good lawyer but question arises how to get a good lawyer so here are some beneficial tips which will help you to get a good excellent and competent lawyer.

Personal Referral or Recommendation

The most useful and better approach is to consult with the community where you lives and specially with the person who had faced this similar problem, in tat case you can consult with your friend, relative or in your business places. You can know better about a lawyer who lives near you and have a good reputation.

But that approach is still not useful to find a good lawyer because everyone have different opinion about the same lawyer, so don’t decide quickly after hearing your friend etc. it is also because every case is different and it is difficult to find a person with the specialty which can solve your case.


Usually lawyers don not advertise about themselves because this practice is prohibited by the legal practitioner bar act 1973 in Pakistan and the same rule also applies in different countries as well. There are some country who allow lawyers to advertise in magazines or newspaper. Along with the advertisement they also mention about the areas in which they render services. This is a good way to find the appropriate lawyers who can take up your case.

Law Firms

Sometimes lawyers work in shape of groups which are called law firms, They are a group of specialist in which all the lawyers prepares a case as there is a saying ‘two brains a better than one brain’ in that way case becomes more strong but they often charge high fees.

Consult More Lawyers Than One

It will be good for you if you consults more lawyers, ask every question which came in your mind about your case. Check the qualification and expertise which you need in your case. Ask him about the previous won cases but in very polite manner because lawyer usually gets angry on this point.

Hire A Young Lawyer

It is often seen that people usually prefer lawyers who had practiced for about 15 to 20 years, they think that these lawyers have more experience so they will surely win, But it doesn’t happen in most of the cases. In my experience i have seen that young lawyers are much competent energetic and hard worker, last two characteristics are very important for a good lawyer. It is might possible that a young lawyer have more experience in certain area than the old one.

Personality and Communication Skill Of A Lawyer

Do consider the personality and body language of the lawyer. no matte how that lawyer is competent and is recommended, if you don’t feel comfortable while talking with him, you must not hire him. Also pay attention to the communication skills and promptness of the lawyer, sometime clients calls their lawyers but they don’t pick up or lawyers do not update their client about the cases.

Do Have A Plan For Payment

After considering everything reach out on a plan for paying the fee of lawyer. whether you want to pay a full fee at one on in installments you should work it out with your lawyer. One thing you should keep in your mind is that every lawyers charges different fee according to the expertise in the relevant field.

Complaint Against Your Lawyer

In Pakistan, If you have any complaint against your lawyer regarding his services or ill treatment or if he has defrauded you, you can file a complaint in a bar of which is a member,  and than that bar will constitute a board to see whether he has committed that alleged act. And if he has committed bar revoke his license and will lodged a case in court.

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