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About Muhammad MateenYep, that’s me the original, my name is Muhammad Mateen and I am the Owner as well as Author of this website. I am from Pakistan and I live in Islamabad.

Well, I am a lawyer by profession and currently practicing in Rawalpindi District Courts of Pakistan. I have done my LLB Degree from the International Islamic University of Islamabad. Now I am doing LLM/M.Phil in Corporate Law from the same university. My course work is finished now I’m working on my thesis which will be completed soon.

Idea Behind atmateen.com

While studying the law degree when I researched anything about law, it was very difficult to get an authentic information. That was the time when I decided that I will create a site no one has ever made before. When a new lawyer starts his practice the very first problem which he faced is the lack of information about formats while initiating a new case. In this website, I will try my best efforts to provide all formats about civil, criminal, family and corporates to you and also legal articles.

Some of you might think the law is difficult or legal information is hard to find, but it is not so. Through this website, I will try my level best to give you latest and authentic information. It was my dream to help people and give them useable information from the field of law. This site helped me to fulfill that dream.

This site tells you about what is going on nowadays. What is the law which has been amended? What is going on in the fields of civil, criminal, family and corporate?

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