MTMIS Punjab How To Verify Vehicle Ownership

Punjab has introduced an easy online solution for checking and verifying vehicles. This includes a seamless process for transferring car ownership. The MTMIS online vehicle verification system in Punjab ensures a quick and hassle-free experience. It allows individuals to access accurate information about registered vehicles in just a few clicks.

This reliable vehicle registration verification in Punjab minimizes the risk of unauthorized transactions and other legal issues. In this post you will learn all the basic steps required to verify your vehicle ownership through MTMIS Punjab.

How To Verify Vehicle Ownership By MTMIS Punjab?

How To Verify Vehicle Ownership

Here are the steps for the vehicle registration check procedure by MTMIS in Punjab:

  1. Go to the MTMIS Punjab section at the top of the page.
  2. Enter the vehicle registration number (e.g., XXX 000, XXX 0000, XXX-YY-0000).
  3. Solve the simple captcha.
  4. Click on the “search vehicle” button.

It’s in collaboration with the Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab. After entering the vehicle number, you will get details such as owner name, father name, owner city, latest payment details, vehicle details, and vehicle application tracking.

Through vehicle verification, buyers can gain confidence and make informed decisions about purchasing a vehicle. Sellers also gain peace about the payment obligations and transactions.

How to Check Motor Vehicle Verification Through SMS in Punjab

How To Verify Vehicle Ownership

The Excise and Taxation department has introduced a seamless process for quickly verifying your cars or bikes. You can use this motor vehicle registration or car registration check online in Punjab by sending an SMS with the vehicle number to 8785. Customers can approach this method for both new and used cars. Now, customers can avoid long queues and quickly access online vehicle verification.


  • What is MTMIS Punjab?
    • MTMIS Punjab stands for “Motor Transport Management Information System in Punjab.” It is an online platform introduced by the Excise and Taxation Department of the Government of Punjab, Pakistan. The purpose of MTMIS is to provide a centralized and accessible system for managing and verifying information in the Punjab province.
  • Why is MTMIS Punjab Important For Vehicle Transactions?
    • MTMIS Punjab plays a vital role in vehicle transactions by offering a streamlined platform for verifying ownership, registration status, and token tax payments. Moreover, this online system enhances efficiency and provides quick information. Its user-friendly interface empowers individuals to verify vehicle details independently. It helps in ensuring transparency and compliance with legal standards.
  • Can I Verify Both Cars and Bikes by Using MTMIS Punjab?
    • Yes, you can verify both cars and bikes by using MTMIS Punjab. You can use the system to confirm registration details and check the history of various types of vehicles.
  • How Can I Check My Vehicle’s Token Tax Online in Punjab?
    • You can check your vehicle’s token tax online in Punjab by visiting the official MTMIS Punjab website. Locate the “Token Tax” section and enter your vehicle’s registration number or other required details. Afterward, the system will display the current status of your vehicle’s token tax, indicating whether it’s up to date or if any payments are pending.