How To Pay For Netflix In Pakistan?

Are you someone who’s searching for quality video content online? What comes to mind when you hear the word Netflix? While there are numerous excellent video content providers like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO, there’s an innate human instinct that leads us to seek an all-encompassing provider of binge-worthy TV shows and captivating movies. So, how do you pay for Netflix in Pakistan?

Netflix is synonymous with happiness, purpose, peace of mind, and even a reason to eagerly anticipate returning home after a long day at work for some special individuals.

This article delves into Netflix and how to pay for it in Pakistan. Keep reading!

How to Pay for Netflix in Pakistan?

How To Pay For Netflix In Pakistan?

Netflix is THE online streaming service that grants members exclusive access to a vast array of movies, series, documentaries, and much more. Besides the unlimited watching, the best part about Netflix is its ad-free content.

If you’re eager to start streaming amazing movies and TV shows right now, here’s some good news: YES, YOU CAN!

Netflix offers a 30-day free trial for first-time visitors. Rest assured, this isn’t a scam; it’s straightforward. Simply sign up with your personal details, and you’re ready to roll.

But wait, there’s more. Once the trial period ends, you’ll need to start paying for future binge-watching sessions.

During the trial period, provide your credit/debit card details. After 30 days, the subscription fee will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

How To Pay For Netflix In Pakistan?

Remember: You can cancel your subscription anytime without additional charges.

How To Pay For Netlfix Through PTCL?

How To Pay For Netflix In Pakistan?

You can easily subscribe to a Netflix account using your credit or debit card. However, if you don’t have access to a bank account or your bank doesn’t support Netflix payments, another option is to pay through PTCL.

Please note that to utilize the PTCL payment option, you need to be a PTCL customer.

Following Are The Plans For Netflix Offered By PTCL :

Plan TypeMonthly Price
Basic PlanRs. 950
Standard PlanRs. 1200
Premium PlanRs. 1500

How To Pay For Netflix Through Telenor?

How To Pay For Netflix In Pakistan?

Telenor Pakistan has partnered with Netflix, allowing users to pay their subscription bill in the form of mobile credit through Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). Currently this service is available for Telenor Pakistan’s Post-paid and corporate customers, but will be extended to prepaid users in the near future.

How To Pay For Netflix Through Telenor?

If you’re a Telenor Postpaid user, you can sign up for Netflix billing through the following steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the price plan that fits your preferences
  3. Create your Netflix account
  4. Choose “Add to Telenor Postpaid bill” as your payment method
  5. Enter your Postpaid mobile number and receive an OTP
  6. Validate the OTP to start enjoying Netflix

Telenor Pakistan offers the following subscription plans via OTP-enabled payments:

  • Basic: Rs. 950/month + tax
  • Standard: Rs. 1200/month + tax
  • Premium: Rs. 1500/month + tax

Please note that taxes are applicable to all plans. Additionally, ensure your credit limit is sufficient and your number is active to subscribe successfully. This offer is exclusive to Telenor Postpaid customers.

How To Pay For Netflix In Pakistan?

For a seamless Netflix experience in Pakistan, Telenor and PTCL are currently the most reliable options, providing smooth billing procedures.

Especially during these challenging times, managing bills and entertainment subscriptions from home has become more convenient. So, if you’re a Telenor or PTCL customer eager for Netflix, don’t hesitate—take the plunge!

This guide has covered how to pay for Netflix in Pakistan. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment. We’re here to assist you promptly.