Tag Types of Remand in Pakistan

What is Remand?

It means to send a prisoner back to the custody. Basically, remand is the process under which a prisoner is handed over to some authority. Only Government has the authority to take the custody of accuse prisoner.
Why remand is Granted?
The remand is granted only when the concerned authorities states purpose. The purpose sometimes varies.

It may be to investigate accuse.
Sometimes it is granted to transfer accuse from one place to another.
It may be due to court adjournment

What are the types of remand in Pakistan?
There are mainly two types of remand in Pakistan. One is physical remand and the other is judicial remand. There also exist third type of remand but  Cr.PC doesn’t define it.

It is called Transit Remand. This type is the creation of various court decision. It is usually granted when accuse is arrested on different place the the one where he committed crime. In this case Police get permission from court in written order to transfer him to concerned police station.

On the other hand, when the magistrate sends accused to custody of police, it is called physical remand. When the accused is sent to judicial lock-up/jail it is called judicial remand.

It is only the discretion of court whether to send accused person on physical remand or judicial remand. However, higher court of Pakistan has laid down some important grounds which a magistrate should follow.

You will learn in these post the whole procedure how Remand is granted in Pakistan? Whether bail can be moved at remand stage? What kinds of right the accuse have during remand?